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Mormon History Podcast: 023: Bathtubs and Bad Men

Today I read some excerpts from William Jarman’s 1884 book USA Uncle Sam’s Abscess; Or, Hell Upon Earth for US, Uncle Sam


4 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 023: Bathtubs and Bad Men”

  1. Whoohoo! History… must be banned, because of course, it is more True Revelation than “God” would allow? Perhaps it is because “God” does not want us to see His “nakedness” of forever changing his mind, being loving one moment and bullying and abusive the next, forevermore.

    1. @Tom M,
      Not sure if you listened to the other podcast I do that is more explicit (SMRL Podcast) but we just did an episode called “God Hates Everything About You” which we talk about the loving / abusive supposed nature of “God”

  2. I have an inkling that the destroying Angel is the danites who are in the palm of BY’s hand to enforce his every wish. Right then it was his wish to enforce polygamy by the sword in order to camouflage his own demonic life style. I’ve read of the husband entitled to lift the veil over his dead wives faces to resurrect them. If they weren’t 100% obedient or on just a whim he didn’t have to resurrect them by lifting the veil over their face!!! He actually acted in place of God. God didn’t pass judgement on the woman, he did. THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR THIS EVIL! And SHOCKINGLY they just barely changed the rule from mandatory to optional for women to have their faces covered with the temp!e veil when their coffin is closed….THIS IS STILL GOING ON IN 2019!!!! THIS THIS DEMENTED ABUSIVE ATTITUDE TOWARDS WOMEN!!! IT MAKES ME LOOSE MY MIND WITH RAGE!!!!

  3. Okay. It’s that you read alot. Want more of your thoughts and words. Anyway. I showered butt naked with dudes all the way through school, military, mtc, college. Isn’t that most guys experience? The inutiatory never phased me. No one ever touched me there.

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