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Mormon History Podcast: 024: Polygamy

Another email I wrote to the Bishop and Stake President


8 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 024: Polygamy”

  1. Polygamy has been the most damaging thing in my life. It damaged my growth as a woman, wife, mother and friend. How grateful I am to find it has never been commanded by God. That Smith was a pervert and the mormon church is false has been the most freeing, wonderful experience of my life. Thank you Skyler for exposing this horrible religion. And PS….I like your voice. A voice full of truth and light.

  2. You wanna hear something back? Here you go. You realize Brigham wrote sec 132 right?

    If you’re a seeker of truth then study this out. Joseph was martyred (because he was about to excommunicate half the quorum of the twelve for polygamy. A secret combination. Where are Joseph’s children from other wives?? They were killed so Brigham William John Taylor etc etc could keep doing it then rewrite history to justify their acts.

    This author was exed for writing this by the way. Gosh I wonder why.

    The Secret Chamber: Spiritual Wifery and the Doctrine of Christ

    In 1831 the LORD prophesied that a secret combination would rise up among the Saints. He called it “the secret chamber” (D&C 38:13 & 28). Its focus was spiritual wifery. It has led to the awful situation among the Latter-day Saints today, one described two times in the Book of Mormon (Mosiah 2:36-41; Ether 8:24). Besides addressing this darkness in D&C 38, God also provided a way to uncover it there. He called it an “endowment of power from on high,” one poured out upon the humble, prepared Saints at the dedication of the House of the LORD at Kirtland in 1836. It was the Holy Ghost, or having access to the unified mind of the Father and the Son (Lecture on Faith 5 ). Many of those with this important gift chose to not follow Brigham Young west. They included the remaining members of the Smith family. The reason was polygamy and the control and fear tied to “the new order of things” Brigham Young was putting in place.This book addresses how polygamy rose up among the Brighamite Saints of Utah, and how it led to suppression of the fuller portion of “the doctrine of Christ” in Mormonism. Because of the early focus on polygamy, too few Latter-day Saints make Christ the LORD their focus, instead inserting the church and its leaders as substitutes for Him. It has resulted in idolatry, ignorance of how to be saved, and widespread deception. One of the most significant lies is that the Prophet Joseph Smith practiced polygamy, instituting it among the Saints. It is a lie, put forth by Brigham Young and those following him, all to justify their practice of it early on. Many are leaving the church today because of this lie and other deceptions, all a part of a false history and narrative, which the Saints have been fed. Some of this is simply ignorance. Some of it reflects greater darkness. The result, however, is many problems among us as a people. It need not be so. Seeing our awful situation today, Moroni saw that we would be surrounded by secret combinations that control us, keeping us in ignorance and deception for the sake of “gain” (Ether 8:24). They control our government, corporations, schools, and churches. This control has led to a second “awful situation,” the one described by King Benjamin. He wisely brought his people out from under the lies, deception, and control of “false Christs,” “false prophets,” and “false preachers and teachers” (Words of Mormon 1:15). They used the people for gain (1 Ne. 22:23). The “awful situation” among King Benjamin’s people was remaining in sin and ignorance without redemption (Mosiah 2:36-41). This is exactly where too many Latter-day Saints find themselves today. Many believe they are “saved” because of their works and our temples, when they are not. Few know what redemption is, or how to obtain it. Thus, many are unprepared for the great last-days harvest of souls that is nearly upon us (D&C 45:2, 56:16; Jer. 17:11). The Prophet Joseph taught that we cannot be saved in ignorance (D&C 131:6). We must “awake” from our slumber, our “awful situation” and “arise,” that we might go forth to meet the Bridegroom.” He Christ the LORD. He is coming soon.

    1. So the copy of the Revelation that eventually became section 132, that Hiram took to Emma which she burned, was actually written by Brigham Young? Wow, who knew?

      So if Joseph wasn’t practicing polygamy then he was committing adultery with Fanny Alger. I guess technically polygamy was illegal in Ohio so he was committing adultery. If I remember right Oliver cowdery referred to it as the dirty nasty affair. One of the two reasons he was excommunicated for accusing Joseph of committing adultery.

      And then there’s all the women who were lying who claimed to have been sealed to Joseph. some of which, in the temple lot case claimed to have been married in every deed, code word for they were having sex. one of those women that must have been lying was Eliza r snow. She did conceive a child but lost it via miscarriage after being thrown down the stairs by one of her sister wives.

      and then there was Sarah Pratt who had her good name drug through the mud because she refused to allow Joseph to have his way with her.

      and let’s not forget the story about when Joseph was tarred and feathered and nearly castrated. What, you say, you know nothing about the castration part. they seem to forget to tell you that part because then they’d have to explain the reasons why he was actually tarred and feathered. The part where he was trying to seduce mirinda Johnson when she was a young girl. Her brother’s trying to save her honor insisted that the doctor castrate Joseph, but the doctor just couldn’t do it. Joseph eventually got her though. After Miranda married Orson Hyde Joseph was able to convince her to be sealed to him while Orson was off on a mission to the Holy Land of all places.

      I could go on, but sometimes the facts are too confusing.

  3. Your podcasts have recently been downloading to an unreadable format. In general, I prefer to downlosd rather than listeh to them online. I am usin a Samsung Galaxy A T380.

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