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Mormon History Podcast: 025: Mormon Harem (Young White Slaves)

Today I discuss the issues related to polygamy and immigration in the early days of Utah.



5 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 025: Mormon Harem (Young White Slaves)”

  1. Wow, that’s quite a bit of work compiled into this short episode. How terrible that this was happening… I have no doubt that it was (hopefully it was the exception rather than the norm).

    It’s funny how we think Polygamy was done under than name of charity, but they coveted mostly the young pretty damsels more so than the elderly or not so fair ones.

    Just check out the age gap of the brides of Lorenzo Snow and you will see this outright. If poligamy was to be had, why did the have to marry the older rich folks… I’m sure if given the chance a younger suitor would have gladly proposed had he been given the chance or better yet if the maiden was given a chance as well to choose among potential suitors.

    1. Thanks David,
      Yes it is quite crazy. The age gaps were things that I even mentioned in the episode before this one with Polygamy.

  2. Your so called feminist stance criticizing that the church teaches men not to be alone with women is very anti progressive and runs counter to the modern liberal progressive me too movement.

  3. The only problem with Lindsay Park is it seems to me she sees polygamy as your speaking to consenting adults. You saying wherever polygamy is part of the culture women are treated as merchandise is powerful and heart breaking. Thank you for your hard work. Anyone who defends polygamy has no respect for women.

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