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Mythical Jesus: 017: Jordan Peterson – Swimming in Mystery

Today we take a 2 minute 45 second soundbite from Jordan Peterson and give voice to the mystery he speaks of.  We also talk about other voices in this space and why, as various religions battle ideologically over who has the truth and whose view is right, the literal rigid dogmatic dive into the scriptures is the least useful way of interacting with these stories.  There is something within us that craves the mystery of this universe and the cosmos.  There is something within us that that senses that there is truth there and it is not expressed best by those who define it and or those who built theological walls around it.  Rather it seems expressed best by those who who know it can not be defined.  It can not be spoken or labeled and that the best way to approach it is to walk around the edges of it knowing it is in the end unknowable.


5 thoughts on “Mythical Jesus: 017: Jordan Peterson – Swimming in Mystery”

  1. I listen to Bill a lot, but he assumes this tone as his podcasts progress. It’s almost a kind of strained prolonged voice which sounds filled with quiet and sometimes loud indignation. He assumes the moral high ground in almost everything – even when it comes to stating that we know nothing i.e. I (Bill) know nothing, and therefore no one else does, and anyone who thinks otherwise is mistaken and just needs to be enlightened to his state of non-enlightenment. He says he had profound spiritual experiences when he was younger – does he discuss these in detail anywhere. He almost went there in his discussion with Jim, but maybe I missed it. Bill, is there anywhere you talk about these in detail? I would love to hear them.

  2. Bill, you’ve said so many times that it is those members who were the most faithful, seeking the most, searching the scriptures and history the most, trying to learn the most goodness about our religion, who find out the most and then leave the church in the end over truths they find in all corners. It is those of us who read the BoM a bunch of times and asked ourselves and reflected what we learned different or saw differently or finally noticed this additional reading.

    We heard Jesus and so many prophets tell us to seek, while others told us not to and to limit that search for truth. All those contradicting sources with Power and Authority to command us hither and thither. We finally could not reconcile the growing numbers of contradictions we saw increasingly, in the bible and BoM too.

    We were sorting out the good from the bad to hold on to something of worth and truth. We were getting Jesus out of the fitlhy bathwater and cleaning Him off from what some had tried to drown Him in, calling it baptism.

    I finally started noticing in latter readings, asking, “Why are we not seeing or following this? Why are we doing so poorly here and going against these truths and even against Jesus and these prophets?”, even as I was noticing great tidbits of wisdom too.

    That is why I see the BoM, fabricated, copied or not, as still having so many good lessons in it despite how I see it’s true and possible creation methods and intents now.

    My simplest (Occam’s Razor) of so many of my own explanations of the BoM is perhaps” “The Book of Mormon: Another Testament Against the LDS Church.”

    Disclaimer: The intentional use of two newly revealed now most offensive words is not intend to offend anyone, Anyone or any God.

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