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Radio Free Mormon: 068: Research Is Not The Answer

Today RFM tackles Elder Oaks suggestion that in helping a doubting spouse overcome their doubt, that research is not the answer.

RFM walks us through his own journey in the Church showing us that the LDS Church prior to the internet age encouraged its members to be scripturians and Doctrinares. RFM Shows us that when research was an impetus to faith, Research was the answer…… And only once the internet age hit and Research became a detriment to faith that the Church is revising its approach to Research is NOT the Answer.




5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 068: Research Is Not The Answer”

  1. While truth is so sweet to some, it is sooo bitter to others, in different ways.
    When we finally do “awaken” we then have the agency to set ourselves free, or, “Jump from the Frying Pan Cult into the Fire Cult.”
    Our next “graduation” challenges of growth? Someone always wanting and demanding you follow them and their “Truth.”

  2. The problem according to my TBM wife is that I take things way too literal. Go figure.

    Yup, it’s my problem I took the church too seriously at their word.

  3. RFM,
    I don’t know your story out of mormonism. I do know mine and it is shocking to me when I hear of others like you who studied a lot and knew the uncorrelated material and stayed in for so long. Studying along with the standard curriculum keeps a member confused and reliant on church leaders. When I stepped out of my understanding that mormon doctrine is way off was rather instant. My feelings or rather my elevated emotions as I’ve learned to call them, had kept me in. You helped in that regard as I was looking for this amazing talk by Holland about this missionary story of all stories. What I found was that it had been recanted. I learned then the “spirit” I had felt months earlier had been a lie. I believed a lie, I know, hard to admit I was so gullible. You did a podcast about that missionary story. On the same google page as the recanting was your podcast. I thank you sincerely but what the hell.
    I am at a loss. What kept you defending the church when you knew mormonism is not anywhere in the Bible? It’s all made up and you have to bend and break pieces to make them fit.
    And P.S. I live in the same ward as Joseph F. Mckonkie. In fact his wife is still here. He was an arrogant ass. He hated Talmage and made derogatory remarks about him. I thought it sounded more envious than anything else. Some members of this ward hope his taint leaves here soon.
    Anyway, just curious.

  4. RFM, please laugh more in your podcasts! Your humor is awesome and your laugh infectious!

    I look forward to every new episode. Thank you!

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