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Sentencing (Updated)

My sentencing was this weekend – as reported in the Tribune and on the Exponent Blog.

First I must thank my tribe – my friends, family, and loved ones – who have stood by me, supported me and given me grace at this difficult time. I received 75 Character Letters (54 of which made it into the Defense Exhibits), countless emails/texts/Polos, dozens of attendees at court – and I could not feel more blessed by this love.

Second, I huge thank you to my gifted, committed, talented attorney, Paul. He has been with me every step of the way and given me courage – and did a bang up job in court.

I made mistakes. I have many consequences. I look forward to a better future. Below are the remarks I spoke to the judge. And below that are links to the Defense Documents and Exhibits – and a couple of journal entries that help to share a piece of my journey.


Sentencing Remarks – 2.22.2019

I have made terrible mistakes. I have made wrong choices.  

Many people – my family and loved ones – have suffered because of my choices; and as you have heard today, specifically the women of Exponent.  I was involved with Exponent for many years – and served on the board.  The women of Exponent invited me into their homes and into their lives; they treated me like family. We shared meaningful experiences and I betrayed their trust. I took the money allotted to move their mission forward and to make their work meaningful. 

I am so sorry.  So very very sorry. I feel deep remorse for what I have done. I was shameless and entitled in my actions, and reckless in my behavior. 

I recognize that Exponent’s business was harmed by my actions and by my dishonest behavior.  I know that trust and lost opportunities can’t be replaced even after the money is restored. I have read every word of the victim impact statements and I understand the grievous effect of my crime. I particularly regret the way my deceitful actions have hurt the Exponent women on a personal level. I dishonored their sacrifice, their families, and their selfless contributions to a work they hold dear.  

When I stole from Exponent, I went against the values I was raised with; values I still believe in: honesty, loyalty and trust.  I ignored those values, that I knew were right. My actions and deceit have also hurt my family.  And I am sincerely sorry for that hurt.  They have struggled to understand why this happened.

Early on, after my confession to Exponent, I sought professional help. I came to better understand how someone who cares deeply about people, as I do, could act such a terrible way. I realized that, while only thinking of myself, I pushed aside thinking of the impact.  I harmed others; people I cared about.

I feel deep shame for my selfish choices each day. I continue to wrestle with impact of my theft and great pain I caused. I know that making lifelong restitution to Exponent is my way forward.  

Previously, when presented with the opportunity to steal the money, I chose the easy way. I wish I hadn’t. Today and going forward: I will choose a new way. I will be a better person than I was; an honest person; a trustworthy person. I will re-forge any relationships that can be repaired by demonstrating that I have changed.

I realize that apologies alone are not sufficient to make others whole. I wish I could change the heartache I have caused.  I wish I could change the damage and the pain. 

I was raised to believe in redemption and I still do.  I feel deep remorse for the harm I have caused Exponent and the betrayal that is felt by my Exponent sisters.  I deeply regret the hurt I have caused my family.  I am so sorry that I allowed myself to step outside society’s moral boundaries and committed this crime. 





Crimes Explained

3 thoughts on “Sentencing (Updated)”

  1. Thanks for posting this. You may want to double-check the links at the bottom as they seem to be broken. They appear to be relative links within one person’s account rather than links that can be shared with others.

  2. I admire Suzette for coming clean and accepting the consequences and recognizing why. That is far ahead of most.

    The BoM and Bible illustrate this same cycle of corruption, fall and destruction making way for rebuilding.

    All good things which come with Power and Authority attract corruption the most. Every true church and good govt in the BoM and bible fell due to this same repetitious eternal law.

    I testify that this not so true church has and had many truths which can never prevent absolute corruption which always comes with The Absolute Power which Christ never ever gave this church, nor would or could he. In his name these things are true and can’t be ignored or given a free pass. Fruits.

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