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Stories For Mormons: Ep 003: The Prodigal God

This episode will explore the concept of the afterlife according to LDS Doctrine. How can families be eternal if they are separated by degrees? As always please e-mail me your commentary/feelings/interpretations of the story to be shared on the next episode at [email protected].


4 thoughts on “Stories For Mormons: Ep 003: The Prodigal God”

    1. Thank you and yes there will be more. You will need to scroll to find the episodes in the lineup. Episode 1 was published on 2/13 and episode 2 was published on 2/20. Also feel free to comment here or email me your thoughts or interpretations or how you view the story at [email protected] and I will be glad to share your comments on the next episode which is where I share listener commentary about the episode.

  1. Inspiring story that all might benefit from partaking. Tell me the stories of Jesus, the time He left the 99 to rescue the lost little piglet, the time He herded the possessed sheeple (Pharisee-types of rule-mongers) into the sea. Cast not your pearls before Pharisees lest they turn and rend you, as a dog turns to its sh..ouldn’t say it.

    Remember that time Jesus taught us how to make whips to whip each other and ourselves back into line? I don’t remember that either, but way too many do. No wonder w now have thousands of contradictorilly correct branches of Christianity including a couple hundred through Mormonism, with Jesus manifesting Himself through and leading none of them.

    Maybe, just maybe, scriptures are written by men, making errors on their own behalf by putting words in God’s mouth, thus contradicting each other, very badly at times, and enforced by rule-mongers, not by God or surely not by anyone like Jesus?

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