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Mormon Awakenings: Final Episode

Jack Naneek wraps up nearly two years of publishing Mormon Awakenings by posting this final episode.


11 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Final Episode”

  1. Thanks for your efforts Jack. I have enjoyed you thoughts and they have made me think about where I stand on several topics.


  2. No Jack, just no!

    I’ve just returned to my home from Mississippi where I attended my aunt’s funeral………..and now this!

    Where will I get the Zen view of mormonlife?

    Too overwhelming of a day, I tell you!

  3. Sorry to see you go. I like your perspective and have enjoyed going through your previous podcasts. My favorite so far is Episode 24 Heidegger’s Revenge.

    Thank you and Bill for your contributions, the world is a better place for having people like you.

    In the immortal words of Forrest Gump at the end of his run, “I guess I’ll go home know”.

  4. Jack I will miss your voice. Just read a book by mike pollon. How to change your mind. Just passing this along. Good luck to you in the future.

  5. I haven’t hear you last episode.
    But should you find it in your heart to still share with us any new wisdom in the future… please do so.

    There really is no end to anything in life.

  6. You should post the link to your MormonMatters podcasts once they are available.

    Just remember, life never ends… and neither should this podcast, especially when moved by the spirit to post again.

    Cheers… thank you for stepping up to the platform and sharing your needed and enlightened perspective.

  7. Thanks Jack! I have enjoyed all your podcasts and always looked forward to the next one. I am glad to hear that you will still be doing some podcasting in the future.
    I love your perspective and it has helped me see things in a better light in my life.
    God bless you my brother!

  8. Jack,
    I have really enjoyed your podcasts. They have accompanied me on many a walk and gave a gentle exposure of my ego. I’m familiar with the men you will be working with at Mormon Matters so I am thrilled you will be still accompanying my walks. ☺️ God bless you in sharing your gift.

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