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Mormon Discussion: 331: Kelsey Part 2

In episode 2 my beautiful friend Kelsey tells us her story.  How she was loved and supported by an incredible family and but inside Mormonism we still have to look a certain way and fit a certain mold.  Kelsey tells us how she knew she was lesbian very early but always shoved it down in order to please those around her as well as fit into her Mormon faith system.  She too married a man and and made a go of it trying so hard to do this Mormon thing.  In the end it didn’t work nor was it ever going to.


1 thought on “Mormon Discussion: 331: Kelsey Part 2”

  1. Thanks for speaking out and sharing, both of you!. Pharisees and their minions make so many people depressed, have anxiety and fear and become suicidal, from masturbation to impure thoughts to feeling inadequate, maybe from not doing enough or being gay or even having gay thoughts.

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