Mormon Discussion: 332: Mekael & Kelsey Part 3

We sit down to complete the trifecta third part interview with my best of friends Mekael and Kelsey.  We pick up where these two meet and how their relationship blooms and what led them to have met me and our incredible friends Chris and Dawn.  We spend some time discussing what things look like on this side of the journey including growth and development,  how we have built a new tribe better than the one we left, and how important Authenticity and Vulnerability have been in creating community!
IF you want to reach Mekael or Kelsey, email me at reelmormon AT gmail DOT com and I will forward it on and if your in Southern Utah and want to meet my awesome friends and me, let me know.


One thought on “Mormon Discussion: 332: Mekael & Kelsey Part 3

  1. Great interview – thank you. Mekael – You made a comment in the last 30 minutes of you being hard on yourself – then that Kelsey follows it with “hey, be nice to my Mekael.” I liked that and feel like I will adapt and use that with my wife. Thank you,

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