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Mormon Discussion: 334: The Letter That started It All

Today we share what set us down the path to the events that led to my Excommunication.  Today I read a letter I sent to members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve 2 years ago.  In this letter I lay out what I believe are the top 5 issues facing the Church in the present moment.  LGBT issues, Women’s Issues, History, Prophetic Fallibility, and Transparency.  It was this letter that led top Church leaders to inform my Stake president at the time that they believed I was “in apostasy” and that “a disciplinary council may be needed”.


You can read the letter yourself HERE


4 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 334: The Letter That started It All”

  1. I thought your letter was very well written, and I agree with most of it. Do you know if any of the 15 or 70 read it, or was it sent right back to the Stake President unread?

    What do you think of the changes made to the temple for women? Is it a result of members like you sending letters to them, and or them talking with women of the church? Also what do you think of President Nelson’s sharing of how he is receiving revaluation?

    Is this an indication that things are slowly changing or at least more open? Or do you think these stories are to make President Nelson look good?

  2. Bill,

    What beautiful and courageous thoughts you wrote! Im so impressed with how you moved so elegantly from topic to topic. And although you told us that you and your family are doing well, I’m SO sorry that it didn’t immediately produce those positive results that you were hoping for.

    You never know, though—maybe some day, lo and behold, there’ll be a Deseret News with the headlines, “EXTRA! EXTRA! B. Reel’s Changes to LDS Church Enacted in a Sweeping Victory for Progressive Movement! 6 New Apostles to be Women! Changes in Restaffing incl. LGBTQ TABCATS Conductor, 1st Counselor to Church President!”

    And maybe I’ll come back to church….hmm. Not sure. Sundays right now are pretty dang good the way they are.

  3. Kindly Planting Seeds. Truth is still harsh in any manner of presentation to Pharisees or King Noah’s Priests where only one man stepped away from the corruption. A lot for them to lose in trade for truth?

    Perhaps Alma had not signed a $1,000,000 contract with the equivalent of the Corporation of Christ’s Kirton McConkie Gadiantons to keep the secret society safely hidden in darkness? Or, maybe Alma did have similar benefits vs threats?

    The question is, will just one of the Q15 step away and denounce the lies, abuse and fraud in trade for Truth/Christ?

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