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Mormon Discussion: 333: The Bigotry and Questionable Doctrine of Elder Oaks and the Room He Leaves to Disavow Himself

Elder Oaks is on record testifying that we not not accept the teachings and statements of a given leader.  These quotes show up at other times as well from other leaders.  Strangely it is Elder Oaks who seems most accustomed to stating things which no other leader cares to tackle and certainly not all 15 of them.  On today’s episode we tackle the peculiar teachings of Elder Oaks and the very room he gives for members to disavow his own peculiar teachings.  We also talk about the bigotry contained in some of his teachings as well as those that seem incompatible with Christ’s own example.


12 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 333: The Bigotry and Questionable Doctrine of Elder Oaks and the Room He Leaves to Disavow Himself”

  1. When I heard you quote Elder Oaks that questions are welcome but opposition is not, I had to laugh, as immediately the famous CES letter came to mind. As I’m sure you’re aware, honest, sincere questions solicited by a CES director lead to the excommunication of a member who trusted this director and actually asked the questions. Certainly not in opposition but in a humble, sincere desire to simply know the truth. Truth used to be the foundation on which the church was established, at least for the early church leaders, but, unfortunately, truth has been cast aside for the sake of convenience and survival.

  2. I watched the Mormon Channel each morning and I watch YouTube videos in the afternoon at the Library I enjoy watching Shawn mccraney he has shed light concerned about on Mormonism

  3. Sorry, Bill, but our Latter-day Pharisees only follow the parts of scriptures that justify piety, bullying, abuse, murder and genocide. “Damn the eternally true and loving parts.”

    Elder Oaks Is “the Loyal Opposition” to Christ while opposed to anyone else opposing his own sacred lies.

    Is Oaks, or is he Almost, Head Pharisee? Oaks, Holland, Nelson… uphold the advanced Mormon Doctrine of “Lie upon Lie, Decpet upon Decept.” They don’t learn from history, but sadly demand that all ewe sheeple (in Ewe-tah and beyond) follow Their inerrant Holiness into the ditch: Matt 15:14

  4. Great Podcast! Can you provide a link to the Oaks quote? I can’t seem to find it anywhere as it’s hard to search for something that’s only in audio. This is the quote I’d like a link to: “it’s a great comfort to me to know that I don’t have to take the statement or action of one particular leader as expressive of the doctrine and expectations of the church”

    1. “It’s a great comfort to me to know that i dont have to take the statement or actions of one particular leader as expressive of the doctrine and expectations of the church. We don’t believe in infallibility of our leaders. What we believe in is the organization the church has set in place with multiple prophets seers and revelators and with a council system. Here sit the quorum of the 12, we’ll be working closely with them in the course of our responsibilities and in council we all in an independent spirit individually praying for guidance from the lord. We sit as the lords servants to define the doctrine of the church and the expectations of the church under the leadership of the president of the church, We meet in council to determine the direction of the church and the what are called, in the world, the policies of the church. Some of those things called policies are doctrine, some of them are practices, some of them are temporary directions like the age of missionary service, but they come out of a council.”

      this particular quote came from the news press conference naming the new first presidency

  5. Thank you for this. It helps me feel like I’m not going crazy when I try to square these statements.
    My testimony was always undercut by polygamy. I avoided it all my life. Then, I decided to face it head on and read Rough Stone Rolling. Big mistake. That sent me to in a shocked panic.
    The polygamy in Nauvoo essay was the second most shocking moment I’ve ever had, aside from my dad dying of a heart attack. I literally had to sit down because my knees were buckling.
    The next day I read the Race and the Priesthood essay. That was the knock out punch. I could not believe my eyes. Once I realized the deeply flawed nature of Joseph Smith’s character, it’s hard to take his word for every foundational event. Once I realized that the prophets could be utterly wrong on something as eternally important as the priesthood and temple ban, everything else fell apart. Those two things, together with realizing that the church hid them, and/or is acting like they weren’t doctrinal, destroyed my faith completely. It was a very unreal two days. Deep sadness.

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