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Mormon History Podcast: 027: Where I am now

This is an episode where I discuss where I am now in life and some thoughts on Religion vs Spirituality.


6 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 027: Where I am now”

    1. MormonHistoryPodcast

      @James “Anthony”. Not sure why you don’t use your real name. Why would this podcast be about Bill Reel?

      You realize that these aren’t all about Bill right?

  1. There’s a saying that we seek religion to escape from hell, but then we seek spirituality to escape religion.

    I think that as we become awaken we sort of owe it to others to help aid them in their process of becoming self enlightened.

    I still want to improve our religion while they still let me. While nothing is for certain, we can definitely benefit from having false certitudes as long as we are not overbearing with our personal views.

  2. I identify well with those who are agnostic atheists. You don’t have a favorite “team” but you’re still continually open to new information.

  3. JS taught that being sealed to your family is only relevant to the resurrection. The way the Church leaders talk about being together forever is completely nonsensical. What’s a family? Who stays with who? In-laws? Grand parents? Grand kids? The Church is intentionally mushy about their family being sealed doctrine and the fact that its members don’t logically think it through is stunning.


    Excellent podcast, Skylar. Sincere thanks. I get you!!! Also, CONGRATULATIONS on your new marriage. Goodness and blessings sent your way.

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