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Radio Free Mormon: 072: The Pharisee Phenomenon Pt 2

Today Radio Free Mormon share with us the “Pharisee Phenomenon” as found in the LDS Church.   Running through 12 examples where all the fun lies.  RFM shows us what it means to be pharisaical in the LDS Church.  Its not everyday you get to explore LDS Leaders practicing or advocating strict observance of external forms and ceremonies of religion or conduct without regard to the spirit.


13 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 072: The Pharisee Phenomenon Pt 2”

  1. Well, LDS Pharisees have outdone the Jewish Pharisees in so many ways. LDS Pharisees have made the refined, synthetic, counterfeit version of the Word of Wisdom (4-Holy-Don’ts) into Christ’s Sacred Sentinel to His Kingdom on earth and heaven… Kicked out, stripped of the Holy ghost, your family and eternal blessing for disobeying Pharisees operating for Christ – Matt 7: 15-24

    It just gets worse from there. Today’s Pharisees and their many minions go bonkers when you challenge their multitude of deceptions – “Lie upon Lie, Decept upon Decept…”

    1. The unpardonable sin in the LDS Church is to criticize the leaders.

      All other sins may be forgiven but this one.


  2. The church can do a better job of showing what loving people and family who chose not to join us in our form of worship.

    I’m hoping soon that the church can learn how to embrace the critic. I learn so much wisdom from considering the critic’s point of view, at the same time I think we shouldn’t abandon the faithful perspective.

    It’s important to have both the Yin & Yang perspective in all things.

    1. Still waiting for that warm embrace from the church, David!

      It’s starting to get kind of chilly here in outer darkness.

  3. I found the Dallin Oaks chastisement of the deacons appalling. I think this issue of pharisedical (sp?) behavior a real achilles heal for the church. Who could have listened to Oaks and not come away thinking the guy is worried about unimportant things at best, and a real tool at worse. And to call out lowly deacons? How many of them did he drive away from what is good about the church? It’s quite unbelievable, and I probably wouldn’t have believed it without the recording.

    1. I expect more than one deacon in the audience realized Elder Oaks had misquoted the sacrament prayer.

      But they realized it would be wrong to bring it up.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out! It took them only five-years after the Romney campaign made it an issue and they said it was because of lack of demand for them to get around to it.

      And I note caffeinated soda is still not sold at the MTC!

      I guess the poor missionaries are too righteous to be permitted the temptation.

  4. President Hinckley performed a service and did the youth a favor by asking them not to be tattooed. He is correct, in that tattooing is permanent, unless one wishes to have painful and expensive surgery. There is nothing wrong with marking up one’s arms using Sharpies. That ink wears off.

  5. My father taught Research of Mormonism at BYU. In that class he had one student tell a story that I think relates to a couple of examples given by RFM’s part 2 podcast. My dad’s student recounted a fireside she attended where Joseph Fielding Smith was the main speaker. His talk was about shunning worldliness and used women’s make-up and jewelry as examples, quoting several different versus out of the Bible. During this talk JFS challenged the women at that BYU fireside to become “not of this world” and to cease wearing such. This girl really struggled with this admonishment, but through prayer was able to find the strength to adhere to JFS’s challenge. In the coming months, my dad’s student felt greater spirituality and confirmation that JFS’s challenge did bring her closer to god. So when this student noticed that JFS would be attending an event at BYU, she wanted to be sure to take that opportunity to let him know that she received spiritual confirmation of his fireside challenge to quite wearing make-up and jewelry.

    Of course, being an apostle there was quite a long line of people waiting to meet JFS and his wife and shake their hands. As this student worked her way up through the line and getting close to the elderly couple, she noticed that JFS’s wife had a generous amount of makeup on, wore all sorts of jewelry, and even had fake eye lashes on. It was clear that Jessie knew better than to take her husband too seriously.

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