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Radio Free Mormon: 074: FAIR is FOUL

Today RFM sits down with Bill Reel to discuss his time in FairMormon as way into seeing how FairMormon operates.  They discuss How Bill was recruited to be part of FairMormon, what his involvement was including FairMormon winning the 2013 Podcast Awards with Bill being a heavy contributor to their podcast that year.  What all went into their falling out and how FairMormon operates behind the scenes.


11 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 074: FAIR is FOUL”

  1. what is the difference between JS practicing polygamy and BY, WW etc practicing polygamy? how does that affect one’s “testimony”?

    1. I sure appreciate your question and have found some insights of value in the Ironrodpodcast episodes 10 and 11 that help to answer that question. Section 42:22 and section 49:16 both state one wife along with Jacob chapter 2. In the question bringing about section 132 Isaac and Moses are lumped in as if they were polygamists and the question was already answered in Jacob 2. Find Ironrodpodcast it will help. As to what does it do to ones testimony I have seen a range from total atheism and bitterness to well it’s still on track somehow. I am still trying to figure things out but I can boil it down to sticking with Christ. Bill Reel’s Mythical Jesus podcasts are helpful.

    1. Why would that be?

      Besides, Bill didn’t judge anybody’s conduct in the interview.

      He simply reported the conduct of others.

      The judgment is left up to the listeners.

      How did you judge the conduct of others based on what Bill reported?

    2. Did you read the transcript of Bill’s church court? Bill may not have credibility to judge from the church’s point of view, but those same leaders that Xd Bill agreed that it was not Bill’s integrity that was the reason, it was his calling out church leadership and the church on their lack of integrity. So what is your credibility to judge?

    3. Steve, since when did Jesus need, recruit and hire deceivers, bullies, threateners, abusers, money changers and enforcers?

      Gosple actually means “GOOD News,” and does not mean an abusive burden of slavery to Leaders to which he told us truth would set us free from.

  2. I have listened to many of Bill Reel’s podcasts and this one has only enhanced his credibility in my opinion. Going to his earliest podcasts you will learn the he was a defender of the faith and a gradual and painful shift came as time went by. I have pondered about the ” behind enemy lines” comment at the start of RFM. I came across 2 Corinthians chapter four verse four which states that Satan is the god of this world and our hope is to find the light of Christ or that is the way I see it but you might want to doublecheck it. If my understanding is right we are all “behind enemy lines.”

  3. RFM my husband and I appreciate all your efforts to do these podcasts, I would love to donate but can’t at this time. We really appreciate all your efforts and Bills also and we thought Bills email to church leaders was very informative and respectful and very clearly thought out and written. We have been very disaffected by the church and haven’t been there for a few years now, and will never go back as they are liars and will not address wrongs they have done. My husband sent message earlier in support earlier and it was removed off this site. I’m not sure why. We truly support you and appreciate your work. This is our favourite podcast all though we do like others.

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