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Rainbow Mormon: 004: What is Conversion Therapy?

Conversion therapy has been a hot topic in the Utah and LDS news recently.  This episode gives a brief history of  conversion therapy and how the LDS Church has been involved in, and continues to perpetuate the use of, this debunked practice.  This is the first episode of several that will talk about this extremely damaging practice which attempts to “change” the sexual orientation of individuals. Episode thumbnail art by: Photo by Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash Website background art and facebook cover photo art by Jamie Webb

3 thoughts on “Rainbow Mormon: 004: What is Conversion Therapy?”

  1. Interesting information which pretty much confirms and validates my current point of view.

    I feel like a victim of the Church’s agenda, but perhaps the Church was also a victim of the social culture and general.

    Expecting the church to know better is expecting to much from an organization even when it claims to be divine.

    The needle is moving in the right direction and will continue to do so.

  2. Chapter 6 (TMoF) is the real crime against nature and Christ, and all those He loves The bible does Not condemn gay nor did Christ.
    Zealots twist that. Jesus seems to defend eunuchs, intersex, gays and the like, while saying the haughty and the Pharisees are worse than those at Sodom (for being high and mighty and inhospitable – including toward gays too).

    I think we all know or are related to someone(s) who has always been gay or lesbian from the get-go, as God created them. Who are we to condemn His beloved creations He gave us to increase our love, appreciation and acceptance of each other. Think 2 Great Commandments. All that defies those is not of Jesus, but could be considered Saint’nism (Phariseeism).

    I seriously now believe we misunderstand much of the bible (despite it’s flaws from men writing and changing it already) including Jesus talking about our thoughts and lust (OK to lust after men though;).

    Seriously, though, Jesus was actually referring to the self-righteous including Pharisees whom He was saying were no better than the adulterers since all of them think those thoughts too, well, except for the liars.

    Of course the self righteous use those wise words about lust, which Jesus shared, as yet another stick to beat each other with. Freaking FAIRisees.

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