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Marriage on a Tightrope: 026: Vacations, Coffee, and Policy Updates

Kattie and Allan dig into a few heavy topics in this episode:

  • Allan introduces coffee into the Mount home
  • The recent LGBTQ revelation reversal
  • Their oldest son attending Priesthood session of conference?

They also discuss a few situations they found themselves in while on a recent vacation to California.


1 thought on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 026: Vacations, Coffee, and Policy Updates”

  1. Great discussion. I’ve been out of the Church on my own for about 20 years now. During my two boys teenage years, my dad would take them to General Priesthood while I stayed home. For my family the best answer was to let the kids decide what Church activities to attend and which ones to sit out. I personally don’t think that anything said at Church can trump impressions given by the day to day personal interactions that your family has with you. When my boys grew to be adults, they let grandpa know that they didn’t want to attend General Priesthood anymore. It seems like letting the kids decide their level of activity prevents either parent from being put in an awkward situation.

    My wife is still very TBM, as are my two daughters, but our two boys and I have decided that Mormonism doesn’t have a active place in our lives. Everyone does their own thing which seems to be the best approach for keeping harmony.

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