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Mormon History Podcast: 028: Made Up Scriptures

Today we talk about the importance of the historicity of the Book of Mormon and whether or not it is difficult to make up scriptures.


10 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 028: Made Up Scriptures”

    1. MormonHistoryPodcast

      My opinion is that it was mistakenly referred to as “Satan” and not the King of Babylon.
      As far as the word “Lucifer” goes, again the word for word translation from KJV should not be in the Book of Mormon.
      “helel ben shahar” (Hebrew) which translates into something along the lines of the son of the shining dawn helel (shining) ben (son) shahar (dawn).
      It isn’t until latin that it becomes “Morning Star” and then KJV makes it “Lucifer”

        1. MormonHistoryPodcast

          They didn’t. The original Isaiah (or multiple writers under the name Isaiah) wasn’t written in English or Latin.

          When it was being translated from Hebrew, it was first translated to Latin and then from Latin to English.

  1. apologetics press fraudulent languages
    You read from their site something titled Fraudulent Languages. I can’t find that I have poked and poked around on that site – can’t find it. Found some other items of the BoM but not where you are reading from. Please link it?

  2. People still write and plagiarize scripture to this day in many religions. Look how many “translations of the sealed portion” there are. My brother wrote scripture before, during and after his visit to the mental hospital where he met others writing scripture, even “encrypted numerical scripture” that was gibberish which still impresses those off their rockers. I which I’d made copies of some of these.

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