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Radio Free Mormon: 075: President Nelson Jumps The Shark

From Deep down in the bunker “Behind Enemy Lines” RFM tackles the recent dismantling of its November 2015 LGBT Policy.  RFM in his unique fashion does a dismantling of his own showing That LDS President, Russel M Nelson has once and for all shown he has not only no access to god, but that he can’t tell a revelation from a hole in the ground.



14 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 075: President Nelson Jumps The Shark”

  1. Thank you for setting out the reasoning so clearly once again. I appreciate your concern to not offend anyone since one element of charity is kindness. If I ever need a lawyer I would want someone like you. I also have been, or at least was, a True Believing Mormon for many years. According to your podcast 17 True Believing Mormon I would like to think that I still am but I certainly have been a “scriptural simpleton” and am now struggling to get up to speed. In the past I thought I didn’t really need to study the scriptures too much because inspired leaders would always help me understand things. Of course, we know that Brother Joseph counselled against that kind of thinking. However, even with my limited grasp of scripture I was concerned in 2016 by the revelation that did not support the Lord’s statement “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven'” and the scripture about the Lord being “the same yesterday, today and forever”. Beyond that, I had to do a refresher course on permutations and combinations and I can’t see how there were ” countless permutations and combinations” but only a few. And really in light of the “suffer the little children” commandment I don’t see where any other mathematical analysis, analytic geometry, or Euclidean coordinates come into the equation.

    1. Well said. It took me at least 40 readings of the Book of Mormon to finnnnally get up enough inspiration to see the big picture truth from all the nitty gritty details, to see the fact that there are loads of scriptural warnings about LDS church tactics, deceptions, abuse and policies, to see the countless lies and contradictions it defends and justifies for Jesus. Justifying abuse and lies in Christ’s name, and telling people to Obey and not question Them really, really flies in the face of the real Jesus’ teachings. Jesus always said, not exceptions, no free passes for FAIRisees nor or real prophets either.

      I finally had to stop defending all their lies, contradictions, bullying and abuse “for Christ”: “But they are just mortal men too, who can make mistakes…” Then why can’t they stop commanding those mistakes, deceptions, bullying and abuse in Christ’s name? – Matt 7: 20-24? The whole deceptive, abusive LDS curriculum/agenda is all warned of so many times in the standard works (D&C 121: 33-46 is just one more catch all, warning of what all the top leaders do constantly) that we can’t keep ignoring Jesus and what appear to be his real prophets repeating his real warnings of the Constant Con Men in sheep’s clothing – fine wool suits – blabbering in his name. “Eyes to hear, ears to see?”

      Jesus warned over and over of these exact type of religious con men. He kept saying to never follow men to him, and his prophets echoed that, when in real prophet mode; 2 of them at the beginning of the BoM as well. why can’t we hear all of their warnings of the LDS church and High Leadership – 1 Nephi 8: 4-9 and of course 1 Nephi 8: 2-3

      So, naturally “true prophets, seers and regulators” do see profits and do warn of all that opposes or interferes with their own con games, Fruits by which you can easily know them. Why do “His prophets claim exemption from all of Jesus’ laws and kind advice and warnings which he said was part of the fruits identifying the Pharisees and false prophets? It must be because when you are The True Profit, no law applies to you? Honesty in their dealings? Why don’t they ask us to sustain Christ first, and more importantly why don’t they sustain Christ before themselves and each other? Why are mission presidents and up told to violate the “law of tithing” but still teach it to the sheeple? But, one more than obvious fruit is that we are not allowed to question that, while Jesus said to question exactly that, seek, knock and receive truth and freedom from Con Artists. He warned of this so many times that we still can’t hear him?

      I actually love the real Jesus, even more now that I found the real him hidden among the many changed zealot bible writing of men. He was one in a line of amazing teachers, messengers from the real God/Father whom he describes so well as loving, giving, forgiving. He ironically, right out in plain sight, describes that other angry, bullying contradictory God as being the father of the Pharisees, or more specifically he says “Satan.” Jesus said our father was one and the same as his father and that he is in Jesus and the rest of us making us one. Sounds eastern? He also said we would do things greater than he, and that truth would set us free from the Pharisees and the likes who enslave our minds and bodies, signing our agency and souls over to them, perhaps an invalid contract only to broken after this life?

      I like that Jesus! That sparked an even further search of the true values, teachings and likeness of the historical Jesus (who bashed those who were bashing gays too) and what he really tried to teach without contradictions, which we can more easily sort out now as being nothing more than many words of men stuffed down god’s mouth so they can speak and bully for him.

      Con Men will always be with us and they will do that, as Jesus said, yet we didn’t hear him on that, till we started to seek, knock and started sorting the wheat from the tares, goats from sheep to receive – further light and knowledge as Jesus said to keep seeking and Never Ever sign our agency and learning over to Pharisees/Leaders.

      Real Jesus: “Can you hear me now?”

  2. Oh, My, Goth! Or should I just call it like it is: “Holey” shit!

    Sinister, or…? Do we possibly have yet another pathological Liar pants on fire, or a major narcissist on our hands, or, perhaps a Sociopath? Or is he just ill, delusional with Prophet-itis (Schizoaffective Disorder, etc?).

    My verrry close relative shook me awake 4 years ago this
    month when he became the fast and furious God’s most favored and called by the spirit “prophet” of all ages. He started preaching and then threatening to exercise god’s will upon others, as “the right hand of God.” My wife and I and some of his closest friends called police independently. When we compared notes later we had each been told that their hands were tied till he became an undeniable convict able threat to his own or another’s life. Oh, gotta kill someone first? Yep, sounding just a wee bit familiar yet?

    He was pulled over by the UHP (120 MPH in and I-15 construction zone by Beaver) rushing to Nevada to pick up a plural wife (1 of 8 intended, who didn’t know) for endangering anther’s life at high speed. Thankfully be fore he killed anyone or himself, they tossed him in the mental hospital, then into the state hospital for almost 2 months till he was no longer dangerous to life and limb.

    It shook me as it hit me like a ton of bricks that these bullying, threatening, enforcing leaders are just like him, just to varying degrees. “Angry right hand men of Jesus.” Yes, they are just as dangerous to life and limb and should be institutionalized like Warren Jeffs. Insanity would be their logical plea.

    The dispatcher at the Beaver UHP told me, “Your brother is not unique in thinking he is a prophet on the most important mission from God. We pull over speeding prophets all the time, rushing to do God’s will. We have over a few Jesuses too, and even the most High God.”

    These insane to dangerous leaders are not rare. They are attracted like flies to shit, like predators to defenseless child sacrifices. They aspire to rise through the ranks as they practice their deception and hypnotic droning voices for God. They are hand picked and groomed to enter the order of the Q15 from the least the most aspiring, obedient (to the secret order) narcissists of all of “God’s Arny” forcing Christ’s will.

    They all know the myriad LDS doctrinal and policy problems along with historical fallacies and made up stories, “Lie upon Lie, Decept upon Decept,” once they are groomed and have naturally risen to that level, no question in the minds of those who have researched and pondered their preying. Satan’s Plan? Saint’nism? the thought and bedroom police and so much more…

    No, thank you, I’m on a strict shit-free diet, and it’s working.

    You must “Obey and never question President Fast and Furious’ Revelations! Take your vitamin Pills!”

    Considering the nickname many victims of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) so affectionately gave Elder Nelson decades ago, “Dr. Death,” could he be even worse, a Psychopath who wants to be worshiped?

    Is all of this fast and furious relevation tied to that too? The court is protecting “the most High” on being depositioned in his daughter’s SRA trial. God must surely be protecting His most favored son on earth at this time?

    Will truth prevail, or will Gadiontons still “rule and reign with blood and terror, buying up…” in Christ’s name?

  3. Can we deduce anything about President Nelson’s health from this episode? They took advantage of sick Monson to get out pushed through. Now LGBQT sympathetic members of the 12 used a sick Nelson to get the policy rescinded. As part of the punishment the most homophobic apostle,
    Oaks had to announce the policy. Could mean he is the only healthy member of the 1st presidency. Also of note, Nelson only spoke in 2 sessions of conference.

    1. A trend that I’ve noticed is that the dissenting apostle is often selected for communicating a new policy. This is why Christofferson defended the LGBT policy in the first place and by McConkie wrote the Declaration on the blacks.

  4. The notion that Monson was participating in the multiple discussions about the LGB policy and declaring the will of the Lord was always ridiculous. Monson was so deep in dementia that he didn’t even attend the previous General Conference. The Church had a disabled leader and Nelson/Oaks weren’t patient enough to wait. It was stunning to see Nelson defending the policy rather than members of the first presidency. Remember the years when as a counselor Hinkley ran the Church for a disabled Kimball and the weak Ronmey and Tanner. Nope it wasn’t the First Presidency driving for this new policy but rather Nelson/Oaks.

  5. You’re full of crap. You want them to accept same sex marriage and you don’t believe in God. Typical lawyer gas lighting closing argument.

    1. James, listen to all of the podcast. You are missing the point. This podcast is about lying, deceit, and most of all manipulation.

  6. This was excellent. The revelation process should be something Church leaders want to clarify. Instead they seem to want to obscure it. Why?

  7. Weak bombshell source


    So the source for that final 5 minute bombshell implying that there was no Q15 meeting, no lengthy multi day discussion, and no countless permutations considered……….

    That source is as follows:
    E. Christopher’s to his gay brother Tom to Greg Prince to RFM???

    It seems likely that Tom C could have injected his own personal bias into what E Christopher’s told him, if he told Tom anything at all.


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