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Rainbow Mormon: Episode: 006 In 2019 God Changed His Mind About Gay People

After only 3.5 years the controversial LGBTQ, November exclusion policy has been done away with.  Today’s episode discusses this strange 180 degree turn and the damage this policy has caused.


5 thoughts on “Rainbow Mormon: Episode: 006 In 2019 God Changed His Mind About Gay People”

  1. I am so, SO sorry. I’ve thought of so many ways the 2015 policy hurt people, and hurt them deeply, but lopsided child custody was one I hadn’t thought of.

    It’s a nightmare of a situation for so many people and it makes my heart ache for you. The fallout of this mess will take years to heal.

    God bless you. I, for one, believe you are EVERY bit as worthy and deserving of ALL God has to offer now and forever and always have been. ♡

  2. Thank you for telling your story. It is so important for members of the church to realize that the policies enacted by their leaders can be so damaging to people’s lives. As someone who was fully committed to the church for most of my life, I know how blind we can be when we are living a comfortable existence inside our tribe. Hopefully this reversal of doctrine/policy will wake a few people up. Something you believe in and accept as God’s will, might not be his will 3.5 years from now.

  3. How heartbreaking to hear what you and others have been through due to this horrific policy. I resigned in part because of this hateful rhetoric. The timing is interesting in that right after they stated oops it wasn’t revelation for the “salvation ban” for Blacks that this policy came out. I could not support another group of people being ostracized by the Mormon leadership for just being who they are.

    Time to take a stand against this abuse of power wherever it rears it’s ugly head in this country and globally.

  4. This is a confusing policy change, and is still abusive (like Jesus?). Some see it as a contorted “don’t ask, don’t tell” as long as you lie to your leaders to remain active and in good standing? Still a big mess (like Jesus?). Whom are we following anyway? Whom are we forgetting to sustain? Why aren’t leaders expected to be honest in their dealings, etc…? Yes, a big mess all over the place, and NOT getting better since leaders get a free pass “from Jesus” to bully, abuse, lie, not apologize nor make amends (no repentance), etc..

    No, it does not work until the same rules apply to leaders and honesty replaces the “Bullying for Christ.” Gaslighting, emotional blackmail and shit-testing “for Christ” does not cut it, and makes all of this more painful for those who seek Christlike behaviors from each other and esp the Leaders who should be a light and example of Christ whether we or they literally believe the whole story of Him or not.

  5. Danny!

    My heart breaks for your situation! Ohhh….MY…..GOD!!!!!

    I am not gay, but have a close friend, and ex-bishop, who went through all kinds of conversion therapy and it backfired. He married, raised a whole family, and finally couldn’t “live the lie” anymore. He felt like his very heart was being ripped from his soul.

    His wife and family knew, and when he finally had to make some changes, they all turned viciously on him. He was blacklisted from all sorts of places. Why?…because if he just had enough faith (as Elder Packer explained), he would be fixed.

    My interaction with this friend has taught me more about the inner struggles people endure than any other friendship I have ever had. I love this man, my heart breaks for him, and from this and other friendships, I’ve learned more about empathy than in any other way.

    I learned years ago from a Dragon Mama that the Proclamation on the Family was a legal document FIRST (I had no clue), and from my ex-bish friend and half a dozen other close gay friends some of the turmoil the Homophobic LDS church causes.

    How can God change his mind like that?!!!!! Obviously those men make their own choices, and lie about it. God doesn’t speak to them as much as they think!

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