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Marriage on a Tightrope: 030: Jackson Mount (12 year old son)

Kattie and Allan are joined by their 12 year old son Jackson.  They have an open conversation with Jackson about what the last few years have been like to see his Dad leave the church.  Has it been hard?  Did he struggle with his Dad not ordaining him to the priesthood?

Kattie and Allan ask Jackson questions they have never discussed with him before.  The hope here is that listeners that aren’t sure how to talk about these things with their children will feel more comfortable after hearing Kattie and Allan talk with their son Jackson.

Join us at Saturday Salon on Saturday June 18th at 6pm at Thanksgiving Point.  Go to for more details.


1 thought on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 030: Jackson Mount (12 year old son)”

  1. Jackson was really cool, he is definitely enjoying the joy ride you guys are parents are giving him. It’s really nice to see that he realizes how blessed he is to have the two of you.

    May you continue to provide them with essence of pure religion which is love. Sometimes it seems that we forget that’s what life and Christ is all about.

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