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McKenna Denson Police Reports

This page will keep a running list of police reports and other reports connected to McKenna

PF Chang Incident

Charleston Police incident

5 thoughts on “McKenna Denson Police Reports”

  1. I’m glad I never jumped on the McKenna Denson band wagon to condemn the church. My heart did go out to her as a victim, but now it seems at the victim is actually spear heading the abuse here.

    I lesson learned for sure. I felt a similar sting when I hinted at condemning the church over LGBT suicides when someone grossly over reported the number of suicides to create awareness to the issue.

    It hurts the cause of truth when it looses credibility when exaggerate and misrepresent the facts. I suppose in this we are all guilty to some degree or another, including our beloved church when it’s followers exaggerate the truth claims to the point where it takes a life of it’s own and where leaders do nothing to stop the wind that is blowing in that direction even it should always be blowing north.

    Thank you Bill and RFM for always be willing to set the record straight as new light and knowledge surfaces. It bolsters the credibility that Mormon Discussion Podcast has and provides an example of what fair and honesty looks like.

    1. Make no mistake. This does not change the fact that the church has a big problem with protecting sexual predators and silencing victims.

      1. This also has nothing to do with how the LDS church responded to her accusation. The 3rd response offered was good except they had already issued 1 and 2.
        With that said, there is only 1 thing worse than a rapist…..someone making a false claim of rape. I personally feel if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that a false accusation has been made, it should be a mandatory 1 to 5 years in prison depending on the degree the victim suffered from the accusation.
        I was assaulted in 1992. I know first hand how previous false accusations hurt real ones. My interrogation from investigators and the cross examination on the witness stand was a nightmare. The only thing that kept me upright were the women coming after me that my efforts were protecting from a possible encounter with this man.
        She should be behind bars. What saddens me about responses I’ve read about Denson is the dialogue tends to be whether or not you bought her B.S. or not. That unfortunately is not the dialogue we should be having.

    2. Wow. I know you will never agree but you are drinking the cool aid. 1. It is sickening that because she was sexually assaulted. 2. There are a decent amount of reports of people being sexually assaulted by church members and then the church covering it up. 3. Have you seen that she has been hospitalized because someone put Draino in her drink and her car was set on fire by someone out of the blue. I guarantee you that those were not random attacks. Sure the Church probably wasn’t in charge of these attack, but the timing and how she knows no one who would do that to her probably proves it was members who did it. I’m a ex Mormon and I am telling you, the church you are defending and probably are a member of is a monstrous organization. I mean they finally said they knew Joseph smith was married to a 14 year old girl while married to his wife and that basically makes him a pedophile. I have seen people who are members (who I had been friends with and had to cut off) say that it brought more members to the church. That is the most sickening thing I have ever heard. He broke the law and especially one of the worst ones out there. Also the church causing LGBTQ suicides is real thing. When these parents find out about their sexuality they either take them to conversion therapy, the church (which makes them feel terrible for no good reason), or they kick them out most of the time. Those three ways can non intentionally cause them to become so depressed that they commit suicide. It’s funny that some people in the church sexuality differences as a worse sin than murder. Also as I said Joeseph Smith was a pedophile. There is no excuse that makes that ok at all. I know you’ll never believe me though. If I spread this message like this I guarantee you someone will think about it. Have a nice life. I’m sure it will lead to you “supposed celestial kingdom” where the pedophile lives.

  2. Watching this from the beginning felt like living in medieval times. Groups and individuals stridently denounced anyone who wished to consider all the evidence. We were called “complicit” if we did not automatically believe, if we wished to know the defense’s side, if we thought for ourselves, if we did not hear on the tape what they all claimed was on the tape.

    Please do not fail to learn the lesson here on credulity and how the power of suggestion operates. McKenna suggested that we would hear certain things that simply are not there. But people still heard what she told them they would hear. Even though there are no admissions of rape or even touching her. Yet people wrote articles and gave testimonials of their certainty that the audio contained admissions of rape and predatory non-consensual acts. It was like living in medieval times.

    The most amazing aspect of the whole thing is how people aligned their perceptions to what she told them to perceive. And the same groups went out to demand others do the same. It’s a shameful episode in herd mentality. Does it not amaze us that some of the same people who saw deception in Joseph Smith’s revelations misheard what was on the tape between Joseph Bishop and McKenna???

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