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Mormon Discussion: 338: Jessica Foutz – Developmental Tools

We sit down today with Jessica Foutz.  Jessica is a dear friend of mine who I have known for several years.  I have watched Jessica go from having her Mormon Shelf crash to seeing her dive into Faith and Cognitive development along with her deep interest in wise voices speaking to growth and development like Richard Rohr, Thomas McConkie, Rob Bell, and many others.   This deep and profound shift has resulted in her having a wise voice herself.  She has written the paper “10 Important Things to Know About Stages of Human Cognitive Development“.  Jessica cares about human beings and today she shares her ten tips for leaning into development.


Jessica’s document outlining Developmental tips and tools

Shadow Work

Mormon Stages of Faith and Development

The Build-A-Brain-Program


1 thought on “Mormon Discussion: 338: Jessica Foutz – Developmental Tools”

  1. Beautiful, I’m really loving this stuff.
    It’s a reminder to be patient with unawakened minds, and that more developed minds are not necessarily better off either.

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