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Radio Free Mormon: 076: Spying For The Lord

Todays Episode of Radio Free Mormon has RFM reaching out personally to the Strengthening Church Members Committee.  You heard that right.  RFM picked up the phone and called Elder Dyches of the Seventy and a member of the strengthening Church Members Committee to see what they might tell him about his file there and what the Church had on him.  In the end this secret organization told RFM way more than they got about its anonymous caller on the other end of their line.  This episode also features the closing song by Weird Alma


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 076: Spying For The Lord”

  1. I didn’t realize Jesus payed “brown-shirt” spies to condemn and threaten those catching Him in “His Lies, Bullying and Abuse?” Oh, but of course, that was the FAIRisees.

    Right, the SCMC is as Orwellian as it gets (like Jesus taught!). Fruits of FAIRisees. The church could choose to be forthright and just fine if they looked at themselves first (like Jesus said of these beamed mote-pickers), their FAIRisaical bullying, abuse, lying and dishonesty in their dealings, and refusing to sustain Jesus.

    Change that? Converting the FAIRisees to Christ’s way is just not gonna happen.
    That’s like making bad Nazis into good Nazis.
    Do they think we are their little Not-Sees?

    Let these Zoramites go to their very own special hell they create on earth in their own narcissistic image.
    Warn your neighbors of the “ravening Leaders in fine wool suits” as Jesus said.

    Yea, Weird Alma, keep putting King Noah and his wicked priests in their proper place.

  2. After listening to this podcast I went back and listened to the Jumping The Shark one. Yes, you did call out Nelson but unfortunately all of your assertions were accurate. Makes you wonder whats going on in the heads of those that work in SCMC. I find it hard to state so loyal to the institution while ignoring the facts.

  3. As an EQ instructor, I asked about 6 months ago for permission to teach the doctrines behind healing blessings from the scriptures and from Joseph’s own words. I’d been studying the topic for several weeks and thought it would be super important for us to better understand it as a quorum. I was told by the EQP “no, we have been asked to only teach from the conference talks of last session.”

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