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Radio Free Mormon: 078: Defender Of The Faith Part 2

Today RFM tackles part two of his time as an apologist for the faith.  How Young RFM was intimately aware of the “Anti-Mormon” material and even taught a 12 week course on Mormon Apologetics.  He recorded those 12 weeks of conversation on cassette tape.And today you get the chance to listen to Part 2.


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 078: Defender Of The Faith Part 2”

  1. OMG, RFM, IMHO you’re PDQ and FAIRly convincing, as usual.
    I feel moved upon by the HG to repent and go back to LDS.
    Who you gonna call? Holy Ghost Busters!

  2. Great strategy RFM,

    Make everyone TBM’s (Fowler Stage 3), then have them come back to you when they are in their Dark Night of the Soul Stage 4 crisis.

    Although, I’m thinking we need another Jack Naneek around to help awaken everyone to Stage 5.

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