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Radio Free Mormon: 079: Why Are Mormons So Fake

RFM today attempts to start his General Conference review but only gets as far as the first talk he examines…. Elder Soares talk from Saturday Morning.   At this point RFM is stopped in his tracks as he encounters a flooding of connections and thoughts related to how Mormons are trained to sacrifice their authenticity in order to always make the Church look good through faking happiness, faking competency, faking family life, faking joy at the gospel and service within it.  Faking Faking Faking.  So today Radio Free Mormon goes off the rails to address WHY MORMONS ARE SO FAKE!


6 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 079: Why Are Mormons So Fake”

  1. First, all the members could leave and the Holy Non-Prophet Organization’s sacred investment income would still dwarf the sacred tithing funds now 100% lost. No slaves needed! Self-sustaining priestcraft empire. King Noah, eat your heart out!
    Second, the brief BITE model explains a lot of the the fakery. Fakery makes you more righteous.
    Third, where the hell is a billboard, already, on I-15 in SLC with a quitemormon dot com live counter?

  2. I would guess Freddie Mercury / Queen. The greatest singing voice in my lifetime. Probably one of the most authentic people in my lifetime also. It’s a shame he’s no longer with us. But I guess in reality we’re all just waiting for the “hammer to fall”. Besides “who wants to live forever”. Especially if you have to always pretend. Mormon heaven, it’s just more of the same, Perfectionism. The terrestrial kingdom, maybe even the telestial kingdom might be a little bit more enjoyable. Other than the possibility of a TK smoothie.

  3. LOVED the cast.

    RFM…when I was little, I remember playing softball at the Liberty Wells Stake Center in SLC–the stake many GAs came from. During that game, I saw horrible behavior–swearing, rude hostile behavior, and even some things bordering on criminal activity. The next day I was confused by those same men who stood up and preached purity and love in church. At that point in life I learned there were 2 sets of rules: sunday rules and other day rules.

    Since then I’ve learned there are 3 types of rules: those that are written, those that are obeyed, and those that are enforced. Those three rarely meet.

    Your discussion brought this all back–the multiple levels of rules.

    On another note, I was also influenced by the “any two worthy members of the church can make a marriage work” teaching.

    What a load of rot!….the confusion is formitable.

    I know people who followed that advice and its ended in painful ways. Several of those friends are gay. They “forced” themselves to get married (as Spencer Kimball advised them), and as time passed, the marriages failed.

    The pain rolls on and on.

    Keep going with the posts RFM. Love them.

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