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Radio Free Mormon: 080: Will The Real McKenna Denson Please Stand Up!

Today RFM and Bill Reel take time to evaluate the latest events in the McKenna Denson case.  Namely Poisoned Orange Juice, A car in flames, and a two attacker assault as well as Mike Norton’s recent tirade expose of McKenna’s past.  While McKenna’s past has always been known to be checkered, the recent events raised questions about whether it was McKenna herself who was tainting her own OJ, lighting her own car ablaze, and receiving injuries from her own actions rather than assailants many in the critical thinking Mormon arena are suddenly taking a second look at her past infractions and beginning to see a pattern of a grifter and scam artist who is up to the same old tricks.


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 080: Will The Real McKenna Denson Please Stand Up!”

  1. RFM, can you elaborate on the portion of this podcast about the redacted portion of the frisky backrub of the sister missionary at the home of Bishop? The portion where it is not just her back but her butt as well? Have you told this before on here or elsewhere? I’m suprised I haven’t heard this before, and it sure points to Bishop sexual abusing someone.

  2. One of the reasons why I like Mormon Discussions Podcast so much is it’s focus on being objective. Thank you.

    This bolster’s credibility, it also increases my respect for NNN or Mike Norton.

  3. A cautionary tale. To many were eager to believe McKenna Denson’s allegations
    Because they confirmed beliefs about the Church. Classic confirmation bias. Skepticism and verifiable facts should be the standard and our guiding principles when extraordinary claims are made.

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