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Rainbow Mormon: 008: My Conversion Therapy Story Part 2

In this episode I share about my transition from being a believer in Conversion Therapy to being being an advocate against it.


5 thoughts on “Rainbow Mormon: 008: My Conversion Therapy Story Part 2”

  1. I’m James. Thanks for addressing my comments. I still disagree with you and feel you just brushed off the Bible verses. The parts of the OT which address sodomy may also include dietary restrictions, but they also condemn adultery, bestiality and murder. I don’t see any translation issue in the NT verses. And you did not state your opinion on polygamy and polyandry. Having said all that, you are right – the most grievous sin is pride and self righteousness, what CS Lewis said is a diabolical sin (as opposed to carnal sin) because unlike our animal nature, comes direct from hell. That’s the sin I am working on, and is much worse than anything I might have accused you of.

    1. Maybe you would benefit from googling and reading a list of bible verses which are horrific, immoral, in the name of God? Why are many verses so horrific? Because the bible was written by and changed by men, not God. Jesus taught, “In with the good, out with the bad,” abusive, manipulative.

      Many parts of the bible are much better than other parts. Jesus never taught that evil stuff, but brought light to it and getting rid of the abusive, the Pharisaical. Jesus never condemned gays or eunuchs, but He said the Pharisees and those like them were worse off than those at Sodom (condemned for their self-righteousness and in-hospitality to outsiders), and He said their father was and is still Satan. I’ll stand by Jesus instead of Leaders on this too.

    2. The church may need to rethink and realign with the real Jesus/Truth, realign with His real Gospel, meaning “Good News,” not lying, bullying, abusing, threatening, shaming, punishing… “for Christ.”

  2. I really love your podcast. You are amazing. We recently left the church. All three of my kids were baptized. I feel like their baptism was more than the church. It was about their relationship with God. I don’t regret their baptism. What finally drove me out was the prejudices my children were being taught and my son was treated second class as a son of a convert. Thank you for being brave and sharing your story!!!

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