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Marriage on a Tightrope: 034: Natasha Helfer Parker

Natasha Helfer Parker is a certified Marriage and Family Therapist and Sex Therapist. She sits down for a chat with Kattie and Allan to discussed mixed faith marriage tips and sex therapy.

You can check out some of the many projects Natasha is working on below!

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Mormon Faith Crisis

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Mormon Therapist Blog 

Sex Talk With Natasha

Mixed Faith Book on Amazon

Marriage on a Tightrope: 034: Natasha Helfer Parker

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2 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 034: Natasha Helfer Parker”

  1. So much good info from all 3 of you! Thank “god” we’re not in a mixed faith marriage; we have enough to deal with already. You brought up science. I do see “science” as a problem when it is not real but claimed to be solid and “settled” and therefore must not be questioned. Red flag to run away from that BS.

    We can all name many areas where “science” has become a cult which we must obey and not question. Those are the fruits by which we can know them and set ourselves free from their enslavement? We can apply that to every enslaving topic you brought up.

    Obeying and not questioning politics, govt or “science” also holds back true progress. Think bout it, if not for “science” cults we would have cheap and sure cancer cures, no disease and nearly free clean energy and so much more. Cult “science” holds us back from that real progress in the name of…. “progress.” Hey, just what Jesus and the awake ones before and after him warned of!

    So, think about that the next time we or anyone claims we can trust “science” only. It is no different than claiming Mormonism or the bible are the only truth when we know both (and “science”) are the same way, ever-changing, changed constantly by men as they go. The “heretics” are often hunted down and purged, even burned at the the Stake (center).

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