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Mormon Discussion Podcast: 339: My Amazing Wife Amanda Reel

It has been a long time coming, but my wife Amanda and I sat down to have a conversation about our journey.  We tell our combined story as a couple and what our life journey has looked like.  Be patient with both of us, My wife is much more introverted when it comes to a conversation she knows will be heard and dissected in the public arena and hence I likely spoke a little too much in parts in order to add details to our story where she left off and to help when her answers are short.   It comes off as me overshadowing her and while there is probably a little truth to that, she also would self admit this is not a comfortable space for her.  That said she comes off brilliantly and we both really enjoyed this conversation.


3 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion Podcast: 339: My Amazing Wife Amanda Reel”

  1. Finally got the chance to listen in.
    It was nice to listen to what you guys have and enjoy.

    I’m left wondering if Marriage on a Tight Rope would have been a better format for you guys, but since you are both out of the church well then it kind of no longer makes sense I suppose.

    I’m in a position where I may no longer believe as I use to I still enjoy Church life and drama along with all the theatrics in provides.

    It’s a huge loss to have lost you both, but I’m glad both of you are in a better space now, with great friends… in a way you are already enjoying the celestial life now which is what we all want to reach… kudos to the both of you.

    Bill, you were just too overexcited and overjoyed to have your wife on your podcast, but how cool was that?

  2. I’ve met you both and you are both wonderful people. You’ve shared your home and some goodies when I visited. Thank you.

    Either of you going to SunStone?

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