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Radio Free Mormon: 084: The Miracle Making of President Nelson

RFM tackles President Nelson’s seeming embellishment of his life and role as LDS President and Prophet.  RFm uses three examples from recent history and shows that Nelson has little issue with adding extra details or removing others in order to add a “miracle-like” perception to his life and experiences.


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 084: The Miracle Making of President Nelson”

  1. So what really happened in Mozambique? Seems we will never know but at the end my favorite song. . .you guys at RFM rock! Keep up the great work!

  2. It is simpler than I would have thought to detect the BS in Pres Nelson’s stories and in others’ and added into scriptures. Jesus told us that much. Men add BS and we gobble it up with the biggest spoon we can find? No wonder they pile it on. We anxiously ask for it, and follow these FAIRisees right into the ditch.

  3. Quick everyone. Circle Bandwagons protect the Apostles at all costs.
    Yup, so much for protecting the truth. *Sigh*

    Suddenly Hell seems much more inviting since it’s generally believed to be warmer and nicer down there. No wonder he’s taking the fast lane.

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