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Radio Free Mormon: 085: Was the 1835 First Vision Account Suppressed?

After all this back and forth with Dan Peterson, RFM was motivated to take a second look at the circumstances of the 1835 First Vision account.  After all, Mr. Peterson, the artful dodger of Mormon Apologetics did say “Is it possible that Elder Joseph Fielding Smith… sat on one or more unpublished First Vision accounts? Yes, it is.”  So with that RFM takes a look at why the 1835 First Vision accounts was missing essentially just as long as the 1832 account.


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 085: Was the 1835 First Vision Account Suppressed?”

  1. This mess sounds exactly like the how bible was created and changed and added to. See, Mormonism was created and changed and changed much like the bible, and with just as much power and authority, so it must be true!

    1. Right – I remember as a ‘stupid’ ‘dumb’ ‘spoon fed’ ‘naive’ missionary. We were told how to ‘sell’ mormonism and ‘hate’ on the other christian sects.
      Oh the bible is messed up. They put that together by man in 400or 500 AD. I have listened to David Bokovoy and halfway through biblical literalism by John Shelby Spong. WOW !!!! He is referencing scriptures not in the common bible but are well known to the jews. I’m sure the rank and file mormon would totally disregard those but really the bible and more specifically the first four books of the new testament were written by and for JEWS. Christianity and religion was born in a mess – Love your comment – any wonder mormonism is also a mess. Circling back – We were taught to tell people we talked to that Christianity was a mess and we were the correct church set up – restored as it was when christ set it up.

  2. Wow RFM, I may have to increase my contribution for all your hard work. As soon as I get my pay raise.

    This is indeed a monument contribution and I hope it doesn’t go by unnoticed.

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