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Rainbow Mormon: 011: Pride In Our Lovely Deseret

Today I discuss what Gay Pride is, why we celebrate it, why there isn’t straight pride, and I discuss a few of my feelings from attending Salt Lake City Pride.


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Mormon: 011: Pride In Our Lovely Deseret”

  1. I had no idea that LGBT rights were suppressed to the extent as described in this podcast. Such rights are enumerated in the First Amendment to the Constitution.
    Likewise, I also think that it is wrong to LGBT people to force bakers and photographers to do business with them. Perhaps it is time for bakers, such as the one in Gresham, Oregon, to make a stand against being sued $135000 for refusing to do business with a gay marriage. I honestly hope that you support the rights of people who do not wish to voluntarily do business with LGBT in the same way that I support the right of LGBT to associate with one another.

    1. First well done podcast.
      I wish there was more references throughout the podcast as to the date and year when all this took place. I missed it at the beginning and never heard it again afterwards.

      The reason the baker was fined was because they discriminated their service. Granted this gay couple had a very specific agenda, but it was done in the spirit of promoting their rights.

      I think the message got across already, that baker probably already lost their business. No one should oppress or force anyone, but let’s take a chapter from the Civil Rights movement where blacks were discriminated because of the color of their skin. Something needed to be done to take care of the situation, hence the protest.

      How can LGBT protest and ask for their right to be served?
      Unfortunately rights are not passed without sweat, blood, & tears. Let’s just respect the due process until there’s a better way of accomplishing things.

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