Radio Free Mormon: 92: Going Down to Kwaku Town

Radio Free Mormon’s last podcast dealing with young Mormon apologist Kwaku El has been getting a LOT of attention! RFM is releasing this special edition podcast to answer some questions that have been raised relating to that podcast, and to clarify some additional issues. Ultimately, however, RFM puts Kwaku squarely on the horns of a […]

Radio Free Mormon: 91: Kwaku the Deceiver

Kwaku El is one of the rising generation of young Mormon apologists. In a recent video, Kwaku attempts to prove the Book of Abraham is true. But in doing so, Kwaku employs a well known apologetic trick; well known to Radio Free Mormon, at least. In fact, Radio Free Mormon publicly exposed this very apologetic […]

Almost Awakened: 005: Human Connection & Intimacy

Today we talk about Human Connection. What does human connection look like? What levels of intimacy is appropriate with various types of relationships? How do vulnerability and authenticity come into play? And what can we do to extend ourselves in healthy ways into deeper connection with both starbngers and people we love? Please email us […]

Almost Awakened: 004: The Top Five Catalysts for Awakening

Today we tackle the Top 5 Catalysts for Awakening. Those would be Meditation, Reading or deep profound learning, Travel, Psychedelic Substances, and Existential Crises. We also throw in a surprise 6th towards the end. We hope you enjoy. Please email us your questions and comments at AlmostAwakened AT Gmail DOT Com and visit us at […]

Mormon Discussion: 341: Coffee – A Word of Wisdom

Today I talk about my navigation of the drugs as well as coffee and tea as a teenager including and my eventual abandonment of those things when I join Mormonism and follow Mormonism’s Word of Wisdom.  I discuss that after losing belief in Mormonism, the Word of Wisdom becomes just arbitrary rules, no longer upheld […]

Radio Free Mormon: 88: Defender of the Faith Part 3

Radio Free Mormon continues with the third lecture from his Institute class from spring of 1989 on Defending the Faith. Lecture Three completes the discussion commenced in Lecture Two about how to respond to commonly heard criticisms of the Book of Mormon. Anybody who wants to be able to defend the Book of Mormon against […]

Almost Awakened: 003: Vulnerability

In Episode 3 we tackle vulnerability. What is vulnerability, when is the risk worth being vulnerable, what do safe space look like, how to lean into it, and so much more. We talk about vulnerability with your sacred stories, with your sexuality, and with who you are at your core. We hope you enjoy. Please […]

Gospel Topic Essay: 004: Becoming Like God

We continue our tour of the Gospel Topics Essays and with the essay Becoming Like God.  The Goal- To share the LDS Church’s Gospel Topic Essays and help the both the believing member and the non-believer get a sense of the why these essays were written, who the intended audience is, whether these essays resolve […]