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Mormon Discussion: 340: The Little Factory

A friend messages me the other day and says, “your not going to believe this”.  “what”, I ask.  “The Church has removed Boyd K Packer’s Little Factory Talk”, he informs me.  “That’s impossible…. deleting a General conference talk completely…. forever?  no way” I tell him……..

Well he was right and today we play that talk and discuss its unhealthy perspectives, we discuss how Apologists defended it, and how with its removal the Church is admitting that the talk is unhealthy and indefensible.  It has in spite of it being the backdrop of so much shame around sexuality imposed on young Latter-day Saints and its having widespread use and approval by general leadership and church publications, effectively become the philosophies of Men mingled with scripture.

Closing Song
Artist: Disturbed
Title: The Sound of Silence


14 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 340: The Little Factory”

  1. Speaking of “immoral acts,” look who’s talking, leaders who do nothing but commit immoral acts, a house of cards, Lie upon lie, dishonest in their dealings.

    All of it, the whole shebang, must not be “the Lord’s standard” since they stop teaching all of the lies eventually? But, zealots will continue teaching the many perversions for them, long after they have stopped without denouncing the lies/misunderstandings?

    It sounds like Leaders are the only ones “subject to living a life of perversion.”

  2. I’m so happy that the horrible “Little Factories” talk has vanished! But now iit looks like we women will never get OUR “Factory” talk! I’ve been wondering why we never got one.

    I have a couple of thoughts: could this have been removed because the current President has a medical background and knows the realities of how many males masturbate? Or might it have been primarily done because the church is trying to appease its LGBTQ members a little bit more, and leaders now regret how Packer encouraged guys to deck someone who showed any interest in them?

    And Bill, you owe a few bucks to your swear jar after this episode!

  3. Wow. I see the difference in the main website. I use the LDS app. Unlike the church website the app does not even have the spot for packer. It just has one less talk. This is the definition of revisionist history. See it never happened. I am honest with my fellow man and this frustrates the hell out of me.

  4. The Mormon Stories Interview that Bill refers to is the one done with Lynn Packer, Boyd’s nephew. In that talk Lynn claims that Boyd was assigned the topic by I assume the first presidency.

  5. I was worried when I first saw the headline as it’s a common mistake to assume that Packer’s talk was only recently removed from the 1976 Conference issue of the Ensign. The truth is that the talk was NEVER published in the Church magazines and could only be found the the “Conference Report” booklet that was published as the raw record of everything in the Conference (hymns sung, who gave prayers, interruptions, etc) where there is a small note detailing how the talk is not intended to be published in the magazines but will be made available as a pamphlet for Bishops.

    And yes, there was a bit of that confusion at play in the episode, but as of April 2018 you could still find the talk in a few places on (such as the old subsite). I am amazed that even at those old areas of access the talk is indeed missing! So on the one hand there was no cover-up of this talk from the Ensign and it’s entirely accurate for the digital copy of the Ensign to not include it. But on the other hand, the scrubbing of the talk from non-Ensign sources is indeed a big deal.

  6. Boyd Packer had just turned 42 years old when he gave this talk. The GA’s are not wrong because they’re old; let’s discourage that kind of rhetoric. It is true that older people often are less willing to question long held beliefs, but we should judge them on a case by case basis.

  7. Bill, the base word of “conversation” is converse, not conversate. Thus, “conversating” is not a word. “Conversing” would be the correct word. Yes, you may find “conversate” in the dictionary, due to its popular misuse, not its grammatical correctness.

  8. Bill, your podcast on the “Little Factories” talk and the choice of the “closing song” was a ringing scream of thunder uttered from the guts of thousands of now men and their sons who were shamed, belittled, and bullied into believing they were less than scum on earth. The shattered families, lives, and emotions of good men and women who God DID create with same-sex preferences is the real act that God cannot be pleased with. Thank you for having the courage to say it…to publish it…to leave a public record of the talk that cannot be hidden.

  9. By making the changes and deletions surreptitiously the tacitly imply to the members that nothing has changed and they are free to go on as they have always done.

  10. Check out the “Little Factories” episode of Infants On Thrones. The mashup song is spew-hysterical-laughing funny.

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