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Mormon Discussion: 341: Coffee – A Word of Wisdom

Today I talk about my navigation of the drugs as well as coffee and tea as a teenager including and my eventual abandonment of those things when I join Mormonism and follow Mormonism’s Word of Wisdom.  I discuss that after losing belief in Mormonism, the Word of Wisdom becomes just arbitrary rules, no longer upheld by a divine being and hence my desire to go back and re-evaluate what these things mean to me.  We focus on coffee and how I have navigated the space of being a coffee drinker.  My Morning coffee while I sit at my desk at Family Pawn before we open working on the podcast drinking my homemade cold brew is one of the many highlights of my day.   And we end by highlighting a Local (to me) Utah Coffee company, Red Roca Coffee, and explain how to make your own cold brew.    Red Roca Coffee was started by a post Mormon in his basement in American Fork Utah.  and his brand ties into the post Mormon experience.  Below I share all the products I use to make my delicious cold brew coffee and help you get a great deal on Fresh Red Roca Coffee Beans.

Red Roca Coffee and Mormon Discussion have partnered to bring delicious specialty coffee to you at a discounted price.  By purchasing Red Roca Coffee with the code AWAKE you will accomplish all of the following
– Get yourself a 10% discount (Use the Code AWAKE)
– Help send a donation of part of the proceeds to Mormon Discussion.
– Support a post Mormon and a local Utah Family Owned business
– Support local Utah artisans
– and any purchase over $30 get free shipping
– Enjoy delicious premium coffee

Items I use to make Cold Brew
Coffee Bean Grinder
Glass Jar to store your delicious coffee
Cold Brew Filters

Videos on How to Make Cold Brew
Basic concept on smaller scale of how I make mine
Three ways to make cold brew
Why Cold Brew and How
20 recipes and general info on Cold Brew


15 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 341: Coffee – A Word of Wisdom”

  1. I appreciated this episode. I am in the “just purchased a Keurig and trying to like the taste phase.” I guess my question is, why fight through it? Seems like I’d just be forcing myself into and addiction to coffee basically to give the church the bird. I want to do it for good reasons and I wasn’t quite following how it is such a blessing. Because it’s yummy once you aquire the taste? Because the energy boost really is life changing? Can you get more specific on how developing a love of coffee benefited you?

  2. Not sure if this is where you want this, but I wanted to talk about my first time having a cup of coffee at 30 years old. It was my anniversary just over a year ago. At the time I had been out of the church for about 5 months. My wife and I are staying at a hotel our toddler at his grandparents. We go downstairs to the hotel’s breakfast in the morning, and I decided to get a cup of coffee with breakfast (I had been planning on trying it for a little while and my wife said I could). I got a cup and filled it about 1/2 full from the dispenser marked breakfast blend, added some of those little cups of creamer and a packet of sugar. Then I took a sip. It tasted like cleaner, it was so awful and bitter. Throughout breakfast I would take a sip and that bitter evil was experienced again. I seriously thought about throwing it out, but after the food was done I kept sipping (my wife is a slow eater, so I was sitting there with the cup for a long time). By time I got to the bottom of the cup it was bearable. The rest of that day I kept thinking about that bitter cup, while watching a play, at a restaurant later, driving to pick up the kid. Reflecting on that cup, still feeling like I could taste it. For me coffee was a rebellion, that one awful cup was a moment of pure freedom and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

    A few weeks later I bought a cheap drip system and some coffee grounds, determined to acquire the taste. I made it almost every morning for a couple of months before I knew I liked it. Good news is that I love coffee now, I don’t start my mornings with it, but usually have a cup before lunch. I really love the routine of making coffee.

    Funny story, I tried flavored creamer for the first time this week (my wife bought it for herself). Did not realize that when using creamer you do not need to add sugar…

  3. I wish you had done this last week. My wife wanted to get a coffee machine so I made a post on the exmormon subreddit for suggestions. I decided to get a French press to make cold brew. Sadly the one I got leaked out the bottom so I returned it and got a drip machine. I make coffee at night and let it cool since my wife and I prefer it cold with milk. I am going to get a grinder and order some beans. We are still getting used to the taste and don’t know what our preferences are.

  4. This was perhaps the oddest informercial I’ve ever heard. 🙂 It was quite informative for sure, but a bit out of character for what I expect on the podcast. The whole time I was listening to it I felt like it was pushing to a sales pitch and sure enough a “special offer” was waiting for those of us who stuck with it. I’m not saying it was bad, but I’ll be honest in saying it felt a bit like a trick for me. An infomercial on TV will have a disclosure at the beginning that says something like “the following is a paid advertisement for . . .” I think this episode would have been better if up front Bill said “Hey this is going to be a totally different vibe kind of episode, and to be completely transparent, it will include an offer that has the potential to provide financial benefit to the podcast and a discount for you. Please just be aware as you listen. Now on to the content about DELICIOUS coffee that you’ve been waiting to hear.” Ok, the last sentence is facetious, but I think you get my point. 🙂

    1. podcasters often publicize ads. Listen to Joe Rogan’s Podcast for instance. We have partenered up with a company and are working together to bring a product that is a joy to many post mormons.

      1. Bill,
        Thank you for you response. Please don’t misinterpret my critique. I listen to dozens of podcasts on all topics and am very familiar with ads and product promotion. I’ve no problem with that at all. I know what I’m getting into when I listen to it. My thought was that blending that model together with a request for donations model feels a bit like a clash of worlds. As a donor, it just struck me as a bit out of character from what I’ve come to know and appreciate on the site. Thank you for the great work!

      2. Bill,
        I had the same experience. A part of me is mourning this day. To where your words are now influenced by paid partners or advertisers. I’m sure you are in a quandary where we listeners want and expect you to do this for free but that has taken its toll on you and your family. I sense a transition similar to the ones I experienced with Mormon Stories, Infants on Thrones when those podcasts transitioned from a passionate hobby to a means of employment. It’s not fair what we ask of you and I respect your decision and path. Good luck. I love what you do.

    2. I think I’m with you about the odd feel of the podcast compared to previous ones. I don’t fault Bill for trying to advertise or partner with others and I don’t really think he was being dishonest because he was completely open about everything, however, it did feel a little off. I laughed at your disclaimer, especially the last sentence.

  5. Wow, yeah, this sounded like a total infomercial. I get the ads and that you have to pay the bills, but wow, kind of disappointing. If the church relaxes the Word of Wisdom in the next few years, what will you do then? I don’t know man, you’re kind of losing me here. Stick to what you do best, leave the infomercials to Ron Popeil

  6. I loved this episode. I love my coffee. And I completely agree with you about it being an experience. Early in the morning, I sit with my coffee (either out on my patio or on my couch) and I just sit with the silence of the morning & drink my coffee. It’s my morning meditation. I love to experiment with new beans and ways to make coffee. We recently just got a cold brew system and my husband loves it! It was by drinking a cup of coffee in front of my extended family at a dinner one night that I took that step of telling everyone about my journey. And believe me, you could have heard a pin drop when I asked the waiter for a cup! That was 5 years ago.

  7. Still wondering why my comment was not approved? I wasn’t critical of the podcast (nor did I suggest it was a commercial like Chris Lake did, although thinking back I could see how he could think that), I actually appreciated the subject and commented accordingly. So I’m confused why it was not accepted. I’d really like to understand what you see as a problem. Thanks.

  8. Bill, although the episode had what amounted to an advertisement at the end, I thought you were pretty straightforward about what it was, and it was directly related to the content of the episode. I liked it, and I appreciated that you provided resources to help us shortcut the whole coffee discovery process.

    You do what you need to so the podcasts can keep coming.

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