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Mythical Jesus: 026: Margaret Placentra Johnston – Moving Beyond Being a Spiritual Child

Today we sit down with Margaret Placentra Johnston, author of Faith Beyond Belief, as well as her newest book Overcoming Spiritual Myopia.   We talk about the spiritual journey hitting on concepts like leaving binary thinking and ethnocentricity, developing an inner authority, and the battle between belonging and authenticity.


4 thoughts on “Mythical Jesus: 026: Margaret Placentra Johnston – Moving Beyond Being a Spiritual Child”

  1. The successful churches are “offering certainty.” Is that why political, industry and “science” cults do so well with exiting Mormons? They still have that deep-seated need for certainty?

  2. Great question about why the liberal, nonliteral churches aren’t doing better. When I began my faith transition, I started attending a Unitarian church, and I loved the non-literal, non-dogmatic way of talking about the spiritual path. I really wanted it to be my new church, but when they asked me to “sign the book,” I just didn’t feel like I had a reason to. I guess I loved the way of believing, but I didn’t feel a sense of community. I didn’t feel belonging. And it was really hard for me to find connection with them — so much so that I’ve almost given up.

    I was definitely in free-fall when I started attending, but they didn’t catch me and carry me, which is really what I needed. I’m still trying. Maybe it will come.

    1. I attended a Unitarian church recently. There were nice people and it was a nice service with very open views, even for the atheist. But I walked out thinking, that was nice, but do I really want to spend my Sunday mornings there? Now that I feel like I don’t have to go to church to please God, why would I? I can find more of what I want on my own, at least for now. Perhaps someday I will feel a need for a church community and go find one, but like you, why would I ‘sign up’ and express devotion and commitment to any particular religion.

  3. I really enjoyed hearing this episode. Thank you Margaret for talking with Bill and sharing with our community here! I just read Faith Beyond Belief (twice!). It has been very helpful for me. Your work is important. Thank you!

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