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Radio Free Mormon: 86: RFM v. BYUPD: The Coverup Continues

In this podcast, Radio Free Mormon documents the facts leading to the conclusion that the BYU Police Department is refusing to release information damaging to the LDS Church.  This is information that no police agency, acting on its own, would normally try to hide.  Because of this, in a second round of public disclosure requests, RFM wants copies of documentation relating to who is making these decisions to not release this information . . . and why.  Unsurprisingly, the BYUPD is refusing to release this information, as well.  Looks like we are headed back to the Utah State Records Committee on appeal!  Listen in on everything that has been going on behind the scenes, and why it is RFM is scheduled to have his case heard by the Utah State Records Committee on September 12, 2019.


7 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 86: RFM v. BYUPD: The Coverup Continues”

    1. It’s not about helping her. even if she made the whole thing up, if the church has insulted itself from any accusations through illegal means, it should be exposed. He’s made it clear that his faith in her is all but gone.

    2. RFM isn’t necessarily doing anything for Denson. He’s attempting to gain access to information that BYU and the Mormon church are attempting to suppress.

  1. 22:12 awesome, although probably unintentional, error:
    “..who’s name is included here as she has long since gone public as Joseph Smith’s alleged victim.”

    Should be “Joseph Bishop,” although the irony certainly is not lost!

    1. Dang it!

      You wouldn’t believe how many times I say “Joseph Smith” in these podcasts instead of “Joseph Bishop” and have to go back and correct it!

      Looks like this one slipped by me!

      Nice catch!


  2. Hi, James.

    I want to be clear that my interest in this case has really never been about the allegations themselves, but rather about the apparent cover up by the LDS Church.

    That is what I am continuing to pursue here. It is not about McKenna Denson, and never has been to me.

    I have weighed the evidence as best I am able, not taking anybody’s word for it.

    And the evidence leads me to the conclusion that the LDS Church has been engaged in a cover up of this matter from the get-go . . . and is using the BYU Police Department as a cat’s paw in this endeavor.

    Hope this helps clarify my position.

    Thanks for listening to the podcast!


  3. Man I would hate to be on the receiving end as defendant with you as a prosecutor.

    I hear the Church will waive disciplinary trial against you should you drop this case against them. =P

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