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Radio Free Mormon: 87: Face to Face with Radio Free Mormon

Radio Free Mormon will be presenting a Face to Face Devotional at the Sunstone Symposium, Friday, August 2, 2019 at 3:45 p.m.

You are invited to submit any questions you want in the comment section below.

Please listen to the podcast for additional details and ground rules.

I look forward to seeing you at Sunstone!


9 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 87: Face to Face with Radio Free Mormon”

  1. RFM it wont play here to learn what type of questions you refer are possible topics. Oneor two that have been burning for years are these:
    Why did the church (like most others) abandone Constitutionally protected “religious” protection to opt for “controlled subjugation” to become “501-c3” state controlled susidies?

    The other, what was the moyivation and end result for Church reorganization of Melkezedick Priesthood into one quorum/Elders. Eventually the only High Priests in the Church will be in leadershop roles of Wards, Stakes, and Headquarters. Seems like a power grab and issolation of persieved control and authority to a smaller more easier controlled group of men. Also interesting change was advancements into Aaronic Priesthood can occur the year a young man turn will turn 12 not on his birthday. So there is an 11 yr old Deacon now who’s bd isn’t till December 2019 in our Ward. I think “Ward” now more closely resembles what you’d find in a hospital more than what you would have expected years ago to represent a group of saints living in relative close proxcimity in a Stake of Zion.

    1. Use the OverCast app. Better than the apple podcast app – I don’t know anything of the android. Worked fine for me in overcast. Good luck.

  2. Here’s my question RFM:

    It’s no secret that you’re a lawyer and you’re aware of how the church deals with legal matters. I’d like your thoughts on the church’s law firm Kirton-McConkie. Things like their recent requirement to submit a notarized letter when using Quit Mormon to resign. They claim it’s because many submissions are duplicates or fraudulent requests. Is that fair? Do you see it as warranted?

  3. First, I must oppose to you being the single source of all truth about Mormonism, funny, but we all know that isn’t true, but if it helps your ego I can definitely pretend that’s the case. I know the current leadership of the church still appreciates my pretended sustaining vote, or should I suffering support. Which is it now?

    Secondly, I wish to ask you this question. Is there a scenario or a set of conditions that would allow you to return to full activity into the church? Whether we like it or not, the church is in desperate need of people like you, Bill, and a whole host of other people who have left the church. Please consider coming back.

    Third, how is the relationship with you JW brother? Is he still active in his faith or has he gone less active too? When did your brother go through his faith transition? Did they happen around the same time as yours?

    Fourth, Are you concerned with being Ex from the church? Or will you remove your name voluntarily before going through a disciplinary council? Are you even still a member of the church? If so, when did you stop paying your tithing, wearing garments?

    Fifth, How is the rest of your immediately family reacting to your faith transition? Do your children still look up to you as a father or has your loss of faith affected family relationships?

    Sixth, Are you still married? If not, are you involved in a romantic relationship? Are you considering getting married again?

    Seventh, How much do you charge for your services as a lawyer? Are you still accepting taking on new cases? What type of law do you practice? What is your success rate?

    Eighth, When did you figure out the church’s truth claims were not true? And is there anything that can be done to make the church true again?

    Nine, Do you still posses a temple recommend and live by the standards of the church as found in the strength of youth pamphlet.

    Ten, Have you considered stop working from behind enemy lines? Is the financial support you receive still worth it to keep you going? Or is the podcast at risk from a financial perspective as well as burnout conditions to make you stop wanting to do what you are doing?

    Eleven, Is there another faith system that you feel called to? Do you still believe in God? Is there a post Mormon community out there that you feel attracted to? Have you gone to any retreats and such?

    Twelve, Do you still have appreciation for what the church provided to you in your life? Are you resentful towards the current position of the church?

    While I can’t think of any more questions right now, if any other good ones to mind I will let you know. Thanks for being a light and source of truth to others such as myself when we start being NBM’s instead of TBM’s.

    Thirteen, which group of people would you rather hang out with and why? TBM’s, NBM’s, or ExBM’s (N stands for Nuanced).

  4. Another question.

    Do you consider yourself awakened?
    Do you like the teachings of Eckhart Tolle?

    Who do you look up to? Or where do you seek and draw inspiration from?

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