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Radio Free Mormon: 88: Defender of the Faith Part 3

Radio Free Mormon continues with the third lecture from his Institute class from spring of 1989 on Defending the Faith.

Lecture Three completes the discussion commenced in Lecture Two about how to respond to commonly heard criticisms of the Book of Mormon.

Anybody who wants to be able to defend the Book of Mormon against the critics should give this episode a listen!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 88: Defender of the Faith Part 3”

  1. The problem with weak Anti-Mormon rhetoric is that it actually makes more stronger and resolved members of the church.

    Like you said RFM. If you are going to be a critic of the church do it properly, otherwise it backfires.

    I’m a product of bad anti-Mormon propaganda.
    Had there been better criticism out there, I may have not been such a die hard Mormon in my early years.

    1. I understand but sadly our time is limited in also doing transcripts. If I could find someone to head that up and handle the financial aspect and time aspect that would be great.

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