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Radio Free Mormon: 89: Defender of the Faith Part 4

Radio Free Mormon devotes an entire class period to an in depth defense of the different accounts of Joseph Smith’s First Vision.

You won’t want to miss this one!


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 89: Defender of the Faith Part 4”

  1. The official 1838 First Vision Version is too self-explanatory, self-debunking. Rather than get run around in more circles than necessary, I concentrate on just the official Vision Version.

    Sure, all nine vision versions have lots of varying accounts contradicting each other, and they really don’t add up to one.

    It is the official Vision Version alone which is Loaded with more than ample solid anachronistic contradictions to 1820, 1830 and beyond. Early Mormon theology simply contradicts the official Vision Version, and is still changing, “Lie upon Lie, Decept upon Decept…”

    The 1838 account alone catches itself in its own lies and contradictions to early Mormon theology and more. It nails itself more thoroughly than any outsider can. The 1838 Vision Version alone solidly denies and contradicts early Mormon theology and history, thus it definitively proves itself fabricated AND embellished much, much later. Period.

  2. RFM, you sure were good at pontificating your brains out with impunity. (To borrow a phrase from one of your podcasts)

    I’m glad the world has one less Daniel Peterson and the one and only RFM.

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