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Radio Free Mormon: 90: Does the LDS Church Continue to Hide Its History?

Tonight, Radio Free Mormon shows how the LDS Church continues to hide its history.

He first gives a whirlwind tour of the four primary accounts of Joseph Smith’s First Vision.

RFM then looks at the new church history titled “Saints” and exposes the contortions the authors go through in order to tell a faith promoting account of the First Vision without ever mentioning the contradictions between the various accounts.

In order to see how the LDS Church continues to hide its history, we have to be as conversant with the different First Vision accounts as are the church historians who gloss over the differences and contradictions in “Saints.”

It takes a thief to catch a thief.

And Radio Free Mormon definitely catches the church historians off first base in their creative, if not deceptive, recounting of Joseph Smith’s First Vision!


8 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 90: Does the LDS Church Continue to Hide Its History?”

  1. I’ve just been listening to RFM’s 30 year old lecture on the FV. “No contradictions between the versions” he said!!! I love RFM but listening to his 30 yr old old views is just funny.
    He needs to do a smack down of his younger self.

  2. Do you ever stop to think that you treat the church to a standard that no other organization does?

    I’m grateful to have you guys around to help keep the church honest, but may be we protest way too much. Let’s not expect the church to be as honest and transparent to the point it shoots itself in the process.

    1. David – I hear your concern. Perhaps the church should not be held to a standard where it actively admits its faults and shaky foundation. But when the organization actively hides its faults and questionable origins from members, this is the natural outgrowth of those actions – people calling BS. What would you have the church do? Continue to pretend that the ends justify the means?

      In a better world, the church would take the road of the Community of Christ by acknowledging and admitting to the failures of the nascent church leaders/scriptures and reforming itself into a more honest and open worship community. There would then be no need for someone like RFM to call out the hypocrisy and deception we have suffered through for our lifetimes.

      1. I think we are still 1 or 2 generations behind till that actually takes place. Who knows. Perhaps the internet can speed up this process.

    2. I hear what you are saying, David.

      But isn’t it the LDS church that teaches, “Do what is right, let the consequence follow”?

      I think the LDS church is way too concerned about the consequences than it is in doing what is right.

  3. No, the church is still Not transparent (Not honest in it’s dealings – it Is Orwellian). They do nothing to explain why the official first vision version contradicts the now changed godhead of the early 1830’s as well. The vision version that proves itself an outright fraud, hands down, no question about it.

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