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Radio Free Mormon: 92: Going Down to Kwaku Town

Radio Free Mormon’s last podcast dealing with young Mormon apologist Kwaku El has been getting a LOT of attention!

RFM is releasing this special edition podcast to answer some questions that have been raised relating to that podcast, and to clarify some additional issues.

Ultimately, however, RFM puts Kwaku squarely on the horns of a dilemma.

Will Kwaku admit to being Kwaku the Deceiver, or merely Kwaku the Deceived?

The ball is now in Kwaku’s court!


13 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 92: Going Down to Kwaku Town”

    1. Address the content not just a mere adhominen attack like it has been done in the title of the podcast which intent I agree it to draw attention, but aren't all titles meant to do that?

      Not cool Steve.

    2. Not cool Steve.
      Address the content not just a mere adhominen attack like it has been done in the title of the podcast which intent I agree it to draw attention, but aren’t all titles meant to do that?

      1. This sideshow circus Bill and Corbin are doing is not about content, but is it about drawing attention to themselves and making it personal. They are acting like high school girls.

          1. No, I was aware of all the data, besides one source which didn’t change my previous view of anything that I already didn’t have before this nonsense. I agree the video failed to state relevant information about their being sources during the relevant time period that discussed Abraham attempting to be sacrificed and that he taught astrology to the Egyptians.

  1. “Abraham” did Not bring astronomy to Egypt (sorry again, flat earthers). The Great Pyramids and Sphinx were high-precision astronomically aligned and built lonnng before “Abraham.”

    They can be dated by their astronomical aliment (astro-archaeology) to being built either 12,000 years ago or maybe even one 25,920 year long earth precession Cycle (the Great Year) earlier (38,000 BP). That is the real and current debate which the bible defies thus the true age of astronomy in Egypt is not favored.

    The Egyptians learned astronomy and precession from the
    Sumerians lonnnnng before the bible fabrications and “Abraham” were made and supposedly happened.

  2. Gotta love the ending.
    Is it Kwaku the deceiver or Kwaku the deceived.


    I’m going to say the latter, but that’s how I feel about the top 15 as well. I don’t think any of them can bring themselves to admit it’s all a lie. There is too much good is this lie, and nothing that is good can be false therefore it must be true!!

  3. RFM’s dialogue and the summation are well done. I agree that the issue is not about the book of Jasher but if and what sources JS used. Several decades ago all of this was a non-issue as Mormon’s just “believed.” It still amazes me that in all the vastness of the universe the quibbles here on this spinning rock are about these types of issues. If we could only redirect our energies toward truly reaching for the stars we wouldn’t need a hokus pokus belief system to actually obtain them.

    1. What I cannot understand in the BOA debate Is, why do people move so quickly past all the issues JS got wrong and the church admits are wrong ie. what the papyri were, what they contained, who wrote them, and that he didn’t translated them.

      The three facsimiles stand as a canonized witness to JS’s deception. The lost scrolls are a distraction. The catalyst theory is a delusion.

      Ignore what JS said and run to embrace theories apologists put forward.

      1. Very well said. It always frustrates me with all the debate of the BOA the simple explanation of its fraud is the canonized 3 facsimiles. Im surprised the church hasn’t removed them yet.

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