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Stories For Mormons: 010: Commentary for “Metanoia”

Here is the commentary episode on the story “Metanoia.” I hope it is a helpful and useful commentary. I focus on the concepts of conditioning, beliefs and possibly re-defining the word “Repentance” to approximate more closely to the original Greek word of Metanoia as I understand it. Thanks for listening.


4 thoughts on “Stories For Mormons: 010: Commentary for “Metanoia””

  1. Thanks for the stories and re-interpretations thereof.
    Got anymore?

    I was thinking about a joke where the Pope dies and can’t open the gates of heaven and where St. Peter comes and tells the Pope that some guy named Joseph Smith came and changed all the padlocks and now only he has the keys.

    More of a joke than a story, but there are lots of commonly told Mormon stories that could be talked about. Most of the stories you have mentioned so far I’ve never heard them before.

    My favorite has been Lehi’s dream.

    1. Thanks for listening, one of the reasons you may not have heard any of these stories is because I am making them up as I go. Though I might take a look at some of the stories circulated in Mormon culture and see what comes of it. Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

      1. Cool.
        Mix them up a little.
        Then again, I’m not fully aware of the stories told within our culture.

        I think Mormonism is beginning to break some of it’s cohesiveness. Our maybe, I’ve broken away from the center as I become more and more eccentric from the core of standard beliefs.

        1. Hey David, how about you quit commanding someone to change the way they create, as you freely consume their work. It’s embarrassing.

          I really appreciated the story, and the parallels to Plato’s cave wall allegory for the Theory of Forms. Keep up the good work 🙂

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