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Almost Awakened: 008: Swearing, Cussing, and Foul Mouths

Today we talk about Swearing and Cursing. Is Swearing a sign of an ignorant mind? Does it make someone sound ignorant? Is cursing good for you? Why are some words untouchable and become deeply taboo and way more than other swear words? What is your favorite Swear Word? Are humans the only species that swears?   Please email us your questions and comments at AlmostAwakened AT Gmail DOT Com and visit us at

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Mekael and Bill are the hosts of the Almost Awakened Podcast. They have spent a ton of time diving into human development, human behavior, having deconstructed unhealthy systems and communities and what they have learned from that. As they have built with others, a vibrant healthy community where authenticity and vulnerability matter, they want to share with you what they have learned, point you to good books, provide you with the tools and resources to help you awaken, and share with you their experiences in doing shadow work and recognizing ego and working to reduce unhealthiness in our lives.

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Surprising Benefits of Swearing

psychological benefits of swearing


4 thoughts on “Almost Awakened: 008: Swearing, Cussing, and Foul Mouths”

  1. Swearing isn’t something that I’m particular fond about hearing or enjoying, but I can certainly appreciate the moments where and when it’s used correctly never in derogatory class demeaning terms.

    That said, the true Gem is when you get past talking about swearing and snuck in some key points around building a network of true best friends where super intimate vulnerable connections can happen.

    Almost did thou persuadest me to start my own inner-community circle outside my religious network. Acts 26:28

  2. I swear but I’m tired of the “F” word because it’s over used. So for that reason I don’t use it anymore… at least for now, unless I smash my thumb with a hammer. It needs to be parsed out a little better. It’s also used as a filler word sometimes, which bugs me, like saying “uh” in between every other word. I also hate it when Mormons feel free by cussing but that’s something I need to just let go. One last thing, studies on if smarter or dummer people cuss more is pretty stupid.

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