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Radio Free Mormon: 94: The Case for the Book of Mormon? Part 1

Radio Free Mormon is joined by Bill Reel for this in-depth discussion of Elder Tad Callister’s recent video, “A Case for the Book of Mormon.”

Join us for this 20,000 foot view of Mormon apologetics.

Radio Free Mormon style!


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 94: The Case for the Book of Mormon? Part 1”

  1. You missed one extremely important clue as pertaining to Joseph Smith’s opportunities to ‘practice’ Book of Mormon materials, which is the statement by his mother, Lucy Mack Smith. She said, in the years leading up to the obtaining of the plates, that Joseph would rehearse stories to the family about the ancient inhabitants, and would describe their way of life down to the finest details such as clothing, etc. Clearly opportunity to refine one’s craft.

    1. That is a really good point, Neal.

      I think if you listen closely, you will hear that I did pay tribute to this factoid.

      I think it is toward the end of part 2, though!

  2. I agree with your comments about using one’s own spiritual experience to justify truth or belief. I find it interesting how church leaders resort to these types of examples. They adopt this course of action in hopes that it will then exonerate the church from all their historicity problems, scriptural problems e.g. the Book of Mormon and doctrinal loopholes and inconsistencies. In other words, if you have a question the church puts the onus on you to figure it out and whatever conclusion you arrive at, you own it, thereby absolving the church from any liability. I think the perfect example of this is the new “Come Follow Me” program. If you look at each lesson in the manual, it is up to you to record and ponder whatever the Holy Ghost communicates to you. But this communication will be relative to each individual and only breaks down any consistency. When you consider who the intended audience is for this program, it is not the older generations but the younger as this program will shape their world view and when they reach ages to fill church positions, this is how they will preach and interpret doctrine and set policy.

  3. I have always been super bothered by insinuating that Joseph Smith was a dummy that it was impossible to produce the book of Mormon, he was in fact very much capable of doing he obviously accomplished it.

    The fact that this is from Emma Smith memory from 30 years after his death where in the same papers or letters she confirms that Joseph never practiced Polygamy seems to serve the purpose of making Joseph the miracle prophet man that he was. Perhaps Emma and Joseph were made for each other after all.

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