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Stories For Mormons: 011: Jesus Cleanses the Salt Lake City Temple

The story to be shared today may be especially triggering (more so than other past episodes) for some Active Believing Mormons. If you decide to share this episode with someone who actively believes the doctrines taught by the LDS church there is a possibility of experiencing a backfire effect, or in other words it may cause the Active Believer to retrench in their beliefs, refuse to engage in further conversation and may even damage your relationship. Which is not a desirable outcome. This story might be best received by those who may already be in the deconstruction process to provide further insights. Thus it is encouraged to weigh the risks vs benefits of sharing this story and to be judicious with whom or if you decide to share this episode.

This story is my attempt to take what is written of Jesus cleansing the Temple in Jerusalem found in Mark chapter 11 and put a contemporary spin on it relevant to the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints.


4 thoughts on “Stories For Mormons: 011: Jesus Cleanses the Salt Lake City Temple”

  1. What? No invitations for personal interpretations?
    As someone who has already begun to deconstruct, I have wondered how would Jesus react if he were present.

    There is usually only one church own store rather than inviting a multiple store locations. I never really thought of Temple Recommends being something that Jesus didn’t approve of. The thought makes me consider if it needs to be revised to perhaps something more inviting and widely issued to those who desire to have one.

    At any rate… I wish the fig tree had a resurrection story, or a second chance to bare fruit, although I suppose we will all wither and die one day. Till then, desperately trying to bare good fruits here. Deseret store isn’t all the bad and oppressive, is it?

    1. Oh man I forgot to add that. Thanks for reminding me. I will make sure to add than in future podcasts. Your thoughts on the beehive representing Deseret Book is one I hadn’t thought of. For me it was a metaphor for the church itself. I will explain more about that in the commentary episode. And I agree I think a temple recommend should be given to anyone who wants one regardless of situation or compliance with the rules of Mormonism. It would be nice to see a resurrection for the tree but sometimes not having a resurrection can be more powerful than a resurrection like the original ending of the gospel of Mark. It leaves us to contemplate the reality of this life. Thank you for your comments.

      1. I’m adding your presonal views regarding this story is already implied. It was a powerful story that invites to ponder personal interpretations. Let’s hope that others chime in.

        1. That would be accurate and I hope they do as well. There hasn’t been much regarding personal interpretations sent for the last few episodes to be shared on the commentary follow up episodes. I hope there is commentary as well.

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