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Almost Awakened: 012: Pride Week, Drag Queens, And Homophobia

Today we discuss Pride Week in our local community. We discuss the recent local controversy where significant push back in our community over the numerous Pride Flags being put up to bring awareness to the cause and celebrating the week. We then talk about Pride week itself including the the “Dragalicious” Drag Queen show we attended last night. This takes us to discussing Bill’s own Homophobia and Mekael’s effort to be a safer space for others who do humanity differently. We discuss Bill’s “Asian” Massage and his masturbation experiences and end committed to try harder to be a better human.


Roots of Homophobia

Ten Ways Homophobia Affects ‘Straight People

Understanding Homophobia and Heterosexism

How the Mind Rationalizes Homophobia

The science of homophobia and how to cure it

Lasting Effects of Homophobia

Valuable Principles That Will Make You Treat People Better

Respect May Be Even More Crucial than Love

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1 thought on “Almost Awakened: 012: Pride Week, Drag Queens, And Homophobia”

  1. It’s uncomfortable for me to hear the F word just thrown around so casually like that. In some regards, I feel less awakened by that.

    I’m not sure if by awakened we mean just feel comfortable with everything and anything goes. Just love all and respect everyone and you’re golden.

    I get it that at one point we should be more loving and accepting, lines needs to be erased and redrawn, but we all need to show patience for the due process.

    It’s kind of like the person who gets a tattoo and then complains of all the negative association that he gets from it. Maybe we shouldn’t shame people from getting a Tattoo, but some things were not born that way. That was a choice… just like the use of language.

    I thought in this podcast you were going to lay down the foundations of forming your own brave new world where everything goes, but FoMo’s are not being HoMo’s enough to let everyone else in the secret sauce.

    In any case, don’t mind me, just keep doing your thing.

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