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Mormon Discussion: 344: Vaping, Coffee & Tea, Marijuana and an Irrational God

Today we discuss the August 2019 New Era Article on Vaping, Coffee, Tea, Marijuana, and Opioids.  Todays episode dives into the logic of why each item is forbidden and how that logic not only differs with each other thaey also make little sense when juxtaposed against other substances that are not banned and even supported by the Church that easily fall into the same reasoning.  In the end it doesn’t seem to be about which substances are harmful, which are addictive, and at times the why isn’t even stated while at the same time some of the banned substances are actually shown to be good for you.



7 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 344: Vaping, Coffee & Tea, Marijuana and an Irrational God”

  1. God never forbade coffee and tea. The scripture simply ‘suggests’ hot drinks are not for the belly. My understanding is Brigham Young made it a commandment because the Saints were spending too much money having coffee and tea brought into the Salt Lake valley. If you research hot drinks and stomach, you’ll find there is a correlation to esophageal cancer. The temperature seems to be an issue, not the substance. And there are boatloads of info supporting the health benefits of moderate use of both coffee and tea.

    1. Brigham did Not make it a commandment – another Mormon myth. Brigham and his 3 successors all used and sold the 4 don’t s through ZCMI, and loads more stuff that contradicts this fabricated, twisted “history” that BY made it a commandment. He refused making it a commandment, with his last quote refusing that being 1876, the year before his death.

      The next 3 followed suit since JS started that trend. Mormon history has been twisted so badly we don’t know squat other than we don’t know all the lies?

      The first two “Prophets” of the 1900’s made the 4 don’ts into a Commandment as a jazzed up version of more righteous “Super LDS Prohibition.” Al 5 prophets of the 1800’s refused pressure from zealots to make it a commandment, saying that commanding and constraining the Words of Wisdom would become a stumbling block to the saints, which it most certainly has become (bad health and judgmental, bullying, abusive…). I guess we didn’t know that they could actually be prophetic?

  2. Bill, you really are onto something with hallucinogens waking people up to humanity and to even more non-religious and many political cults which enslave and hold humanity back while only pretending that “True Progress” can come from their various dogmas.

    Graham Hancock no longer believes the climate change cult or the vaccine cult or the war on drugs cult or war on cancer cult or war on war cult or war on …., all truly dogmatic fear mongering false promising cults.

    Graham sees that we would have free clean energy, no cancer, no disease with NO poison inoculations or pseudo-science climate change cult if it were not for this Corporatocracy Ruling Class here to $ave all ewe sheeple if ewe just don’t question Them, if ewe will worship Them and always remember to take upon you Their Name, Amen. Did I do some hallucinogens?

  3. Hi Bill,

    You are doing great work. I just listened and I can’t stop thinking about how the LDS church is led by a former medical professional. My source of thought drives from this question: What changes would my personal physician advocate for if she or he had the power and resources of President Nelson?

    President Nelson made a career out of helping people with poor health. He has witnessed death due to the consequences of poor health more times than 99% of the population ever will. He also knows how healthy living improves and lengthens life as well as increases the odds of survival of accidents, and even cancer. Heart disease kills way more people in America than tobacco, coffee, tea, or vaping. Why doesn’t Pres. Nelson talk about that? Why doesn’t he start programs to promote healthy living? Let him put his personal skill set to good use and make a difference in the world.

    What if he proposed a more logical approach to the Word of Wisdom? Consider the church having an overall plan for good health that also gets more specific by region and area depending on their needs. For example, in the US and Canada they could promote exercise and healthy eating to combat heart disease and diabeties. Encourage people to get a gym membership if they can or put some of that tithing money towards signing them up for a DailyBurn subscription (about $15 a month) and get professional instruction and a 30 minute workout every day in your own home.

    The church puts out monthly publications with the New Era, Ensign, and Friend. Why don’t they have publications, podcasts, and YouTube channels about healthy eating and cooking? It could include gardening tips and healthy recipes as alternatives to foods high in fat and sugar. In other areas of the world why not have programs providing tooth brushes, dental floss, soap, clean and clean water to communities in need?

    Why not provide sex education and contraception for those in need? God commanded everyone to multiply. Everyone should have the best information available for a healthy sex life.

    One of the best ways to help people get and stay healthy is providing ways out of poverty. Why isn’t the church more involved in building schools and providing scholarships to those in real need?

    Why isn’t the church listening to the instruction given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and caring for the earth? President Nelson could be a strong voice in the push to stop climate change. Millions if not billions are at risk of being harmed as severe storms and increased frequency of fires threaten the health of communities and nations.

    What about mental health? The church doesn’t talk about this one. They need to start and the answers need to be better than reading your scriptures and saying your prayers.

    This should all be the low hanging fruit for an MD to see let alone a prophet. The Church has the resources to make a real difference in the world. Why are they wasting their time talking about coffee? I believe the potential for greatness from President Nelson is huge but is sitting largely untapped because he fails to see what is truly important.

  4. You mentioned being overweight. 10 years ago my friend and his wife were apart of a pilot program. They were called as stake HEALTH missionaries. He and his wife spoke at the individual wards about eating and exercising and being healthier. He said the church wanted to add that to temple recommend questions. It was a huge flop.
    Good thing mormon god runs pilot programs so he’ll know what will fly with his only true members. Control has its limits even on the brainwashed.

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