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Radio Free Mormon: 96: Defender of the Faith Part 5

Radio Free Mormon was neck-deep in Mormon apologetics during the 1980s.

At the apex of his apologetic career, RFM presented a 12-lecture series as an Institute class in the spring of 1989.

This is the fifth lecture in that series.

Lecture Five deals largely with Joseph Smith’s early involvement in folk magic.

This was a hot-button issue of the day.

Even as an apologist, RFM was not afraid of dealing with the difficult issues!

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear.

Radio Free Mormon rides again!


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 96: Defender of the Faith Part 5”

  1. Man I would have loved to be sitting in on those lectures.

    I wonder if Anti-Mormons contributed to me being so hardcore in the church during my early years.
    It was because of Anti-Mormon propaganda and the fact that I could see through their true intentions distorting and misrepresenting the LDS church that solidified my spiritual testimony on a intellectual level.

    So the Mormon church isn’t all to blame… sad thing is that this sort of thing continues today. You see facebook groups hitting on the LDS church with no charity or compassion, it just comes across as the least christian thing to do.

    No thanks, I rather cast my lot with the Mormons rather than the Anti-Mormons. To bad I thought those were my only two options.

  2. The baby cooing was awesome as was the apologetics. JS was a very smart and well read person, not the country illiterate we heard about in the official narrative.

    The one thing I take issue with is that the “magic” was real. Even if it is similar to Biblical stories (which I believe are also metaphorical) I don’t ascribe it to God or to Satan.

    As you point out, both apologetics and anti-arguments may not contain the full context.

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